The world is in a panic right now – you might be too.

I’ve seen everything from hysteria to complete denial of this global pandemic.

I don’t know where you sit on that scale, and I’m certainly not here to judge your perspective – but I do want to share one of my own…

In times of fear, it’s really easy to lose yourself. To lose sight of who you are, of the capacities you have, of the resiliency within you.

Not only does fear lower your immune system… it eradicates your ability to lead.

Over and over again, my guidance keeps inviting me to get quiet, tune in, and listen more deeply.

Here’s what I hear – and I think these messages apply to you as well…

You know how to use this time wisely – to get quiet and reconnect with mother nature and your true nature.

You know how to listen, learn and lead from what you hear. This will shape your role in sharing new visions of what’s possible in the new world that will emerge from this.

You know how to be an anchor of good for people in times of distress. The need for this will only increase in the coming months. Show up, and show up powerfully for your tribe.

You came here for such a time as this.

You came here with a purpose. That hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s in times like this when your guidance, vision and care are needed more than ever.

You’re ready for this. You’ve trained for it. Maybe your leadership and service will have to pivot. Maybe it will look radically different than what your business or service looks like right now, but you have the creativity, resiliency, and skill to step up and be the way-shower you came here to be.

Your unique perspective is more valuable than ever. You see things other people don’t see and have insights that are super valuable for them.

Your hard-earned talents are more important than ever. Your ability to deliver deep transformation will be needed now and in the coming period of time

Your deep caring is more crucial than ever. The compassion you have for your tribe is powerful medicine for what ails them. They need that right now.

Your rock-solid commitment is more anchoring than ever. You’ve been so committed to your work and your tribe for so long. They need to feel that commitment now, more than ever.

Your people want someone with your expertise who has their back.

Their other problems didn’t just disappear with the global pandemic. For many of them, their problems are getting worse. Crazy times don’t just create new problems, they amplify the problems people already have.

Your people STILL want help. They’re still hurting, confused, and overwhelmed. They need someone who is there for them. They will follow someone who is willing to lead the way.

What if your marketing could be the avenue for this kind of leadership and care?

Marketing that meets your people where they are now. Marketing that provides a transformation and generates demand for the deeper transformation of your paid work.

We’ve been working on a game plan for marketing in crazy times. Marketing that lifts people up and allows you to serve more deeply than ever before.

We’d love to invite you into that conversation.

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All our love,

Jeffrey, Jim & The Courageous Messenger Team