Intuitive, Strategic Advisor

My clients are leaders who feel a deep calling to help change our world on a global level. While I serve a wide range of ages and genders, some of my most powerful work is with women in their fifties who are at the top of their field and have had tremendous success in their careers. All of my clients are seasoned entrepreneurs, founders, entertainers and senior executives who have skill, talent and experience that can be used for broad systemic change.

Your customers, employees, colleagues, and family see you at the apex of your career and probably expect you to stay in your role for the rest of your life. However, you know that your current role and career are not fulfilling your highest purpose at this point. You have the feeling that your skills, expertise, and vision have prepared you to bring something important into the world—and part of you is simply unwilling to go into the next chapter of your life without answering this greater calling. On the surface this feels crazy, even to you, but deep inside you know it’s true.

Where Are You Now?

You’re probably in one of two places right now:

While you can feel that something new is calling to you, you don’t know what it is! You feel the “off-ness” of what you’re doing now but can’t see what you’re meant to do next. You are looking for someone to help you discern what this next phase of your life and your work is meant to be, and how to build a thriving business from it.
You’re fairly clear about your bigger calling, but you can’t possibly see how to transition from what you’re doing now into the new work with ease and grace. You need help translating your calling into a viable business that makes sense and isn’t just some pie in the sky vision.

No matter what level of clarity you have about about your calling, you can feel that the old push and drive you’ve used to fuel your success has dried up and that there has to be another way to function and thrive in business going forward.

What support do you really need?

You may have tried working with traditional business consultants, but they often don’t see your vision or continually try to water it down. Not to mention that they lack the skills to support you in navigating the emotional terrain of stepping into your calling. Perhaps you’ve consulted with spiritual mentors about your calling, but they don’t understand business and how to use business as a global vehicle of transformation.

What you would really love is to have one trusted and knowledgeable advisor who can guide you through the emotional, spiritual, and business elements of the important work you’re about to do: discovering your higher calling and bringing it into being.

People have often referred to me as a spiritual midwife or shaman in business. My unique set of skills have set me up to meet the spiritual, emotional and real world business needs that must come together to support you in successfully transitioning from where you are now into your life’s bigger work.

How Does This Work?

In 3-6 month VIP Consultation Packages, we will work together to develop a unique thought leadership brand and business poised for global reach and impact. Through this process I also help you become the person who is capable and ready to lead your new venture.

As a spiritual guide, I will help you with

  • GUIDANCE: Deepen your access to your spiritual, intuitive guidance in business
  • RESISTANCE: Make peace with the push-pull you experience around your calling
  • POWER: Change your relationship to power, so you can inhabit and wield more of it with honor
  • CALLING: Clarify what your global calling is with specific detail
  • YOUR WORK: Define the body of work you are on earth to deliver


As a business guide, I will help you to:

  • BRAND: Create a resonant, global brand
  • POSITION: Develop highly focused positioning designed to speak to directly to your audience
  • SELL: Identify your key service offerings and price points
  • LAUNCH:Create your marketing funnel and go-to-market strategy
  • COLLABORATE: Develop the ecosystem of strategic partners that will launch you
  • TRANSITION: Craft a smart, strategic transition plan from what you’re doing now into this next phase of your life and leadership.

Start Your Path

By the end of our time together you will have complete clarity on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, whom you’re doing it for, why you are the one and where to begin now. In other words, you’ll finally feel like you’ve landed in your life’s work and are safely and confidently stepping into it today.

If you can feel the clock ticking and have just been waiting for the right support to come along to help you, please click below and fill out the short form to let me know you’re interested. If it seems like we would work well together, one of my strategic coaches will be in touch to schedule a call so we can learn more about you and answer any questions you might have.