I believe that business is being used to evolve humanity—and that you and I are on the forefront of that evolution.

We are at a defining moment in our history and we are stepping into a new world that none of us have seen before. We have the potential to create Heaven on Earth through the vehicles and structures we call business.

That requires leaders like you and I to be more diligent than ever in staying attuned to what our unique role is in reshaping this world.

It also requires us to be pragmatic as much as we are visionary. I don’t just live in the world of ideas – I’m committed to helping the visions of our new world take form in a way that has real and lasting impact on our world.

Some of my clients are called to bring a new story to the world for global change. Others have decades of industry experience and are meant to transition from working “in” an industry to working “on” it, supporting fundamental shifts required for society’s new form to take shape.

What I share with my tribe is a deep devotion for the divine and a great love for humanity. I’m a trained singer with an artist’s soul. In fact, I see business as a place to create art – to discover what’s transcendent in the transactional, to marry the spiritual and the material and to find the sacred in the mundane.

Collectively, we are provocateurs, magicians, storytellers, guardians, dreamers, entrepreneurs, liberators and leaders of the new world. The world is waiting for us and the time is now … let’s go.

The Rest of the Story

Jeffrey Van Dyk is an international speaker, strategist and guide who works with highly successful leaders and founders in the second half of life who know that they are meant to transition into their life’s legacy and have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world.

While at Microsoft, Jeffrey personally designed speaker training systems to help world-changing leaders like Peter Jennings, Bill Gates, and multiple heads of state share their message more effectively with the world through online technology.

Jeffrey has spoken on stages in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and across North America with audiences from 50 to over 500. As two-time president of the International Coach Federation in San Francisco, co-founder of both the Spiritual Marketing Quest and former CEO of Big Vision Business, his online and in-person programs have impacted hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. Known for his rare combination of keen inner sight and highly strategic business acumen, Jeffrey has a proven track record of helping leaders build thriving businesses from their life’s truest calling that have a significant and lasting global impact.

Jeffrey currently leads a distinctive monthly event series in Los Angeles to help spiritually-guided celebrities, business leaders and founders become more powerful leaders and create the work that only they can deliver to the world.

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