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A Couple Of Things To Keep In Mind


The Courageous Messenger is a radically different way of marketing. If you’re ready to have your marketing messages land as powerfully as the work that you do with your clients, then this is the right program for you… A discussion with one of our strategists is the next step.


The Courageous Messenger will challenge you to come out and be bold… This isn’t a cookie cutter system and neither are you. This is for courageous people with a message for the world who are ready to have their message land and work in the marketplace. This is for those ready to get to the heart and truth of their work, so you can share it proudly with the world.


Your life experiences have been the training program for your greatest work in the world… If you’ve been focused on mastery (of self and craft), then this is the perfect program to help you translate your gifts into tangible offerings that the perfect people will buy.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“The Courageous Messenger has gotten me super clear and confident on my tribe…”

I’ve been in marketing and sales for my entire career and I can find something in every sales and marketing methodology to pick apart – but when I heard Jeffrey speak my jaw dropped.

The Courageous Messenger has gotten me super clear and confident on my message and when I speak now clients are flocking to me.

Catherine Mitchell

“I’m attracting those who are supposed to respond… It’s easy…”

I saw clearly how I was already attracting my clients and it gave me the ability to specifically attract only the best clients that I love to work with…the ones that give me juice and energy and inspire me to do the best work that I can do…and it’s propelling me forward.

There’s a confidence and ease in speaking and writing now because my message is always relevant… I know I’m attracting those who are supposed to respond…it’s easy.

Allison Rapp

“Work Gets Easy and in Flow Because everything Lands in the Marketplace.”

From understanding my wounds and how to apply it for those I serve, the results I’m seeing with my clients are incredible…

This is heart felt work combined with the pragmatic skills to create grounded, effective marketing. Work gets easy and in flow – because everything lands in the marketplace.

Cindy Dove

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