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Your Unique Frequency

You are at a time of exponential evolution and you are feeling the upheaval. The time has came for you as a leader to be more and more intentional of what frequency you are plugging into. Because everything you are here to do has a frequency at it’s core.


A few days ago I was feeling the weight of having a lot on my plate and also feeling the heaviness around so much upheaval in the world. I knew I couldn’t do my work from that place, so before I began my day, I sat down and checked in with Source. Today’s #MondayInsight is a transcript of that journaling, which I shared on this past #ActivationTuesday. I pray this supports your journey!

Jeffrey – Good morning. I’m feeling tender in my heart as I begin this day. I also feel the parts of me that feel heavy, sad, helpless, overwhelmed and that have that underlying feeling of doom. I feel this for myself as well as humanity. What can you share with me this morning?

Source – Jeffrey, son. There is a field of love where we are that we want you to be.

Jeffrey – I feel that. What else?

Source – The world is barreling along, with most everyone just trying to keep up. If you want to sing your own song, though, and truly live your story, you must find your own pace and your own space. Your own pace is in the natural rhythms that are true to you, true to your path, and true to your purpose. Your own space is in the cultivation of your own reality – your own world that is uniquely yours, with a vibration that is uniquely yours.

Source – Often, when people talk about being ‘authentic’ they are referring to having a more open, less protected personality. But we want you to consider something you might call ‘spiritual authenticity.’ Everything is vibration, and at your core, your essence is a particular vibration. Consider it to be your spiritual fingerprint, completely unique to you. This vibration is a whole world unto itself. When you talk about ‘singing your song,’ and living your purpose, it’s like the anthem to this vibration. There is also a unique rhythm to this vibration and your own unique relationship to oneness. The more you discover, activate and live your vibration, the more you will unplug from other people’s vibrational influences and the vibrational influence of your city, your country, and the conversation that’s being projected in your media and social media landscapes.

Jeffrey – Tell me how this pertains to me and the work I’m up to right now?

Source – Well, when you started your day with some degree of dread, you were plugged into the matrix – plugged into the speed and vibration of ‘launching what’s next,’ and of the collective consciousness. But that’s not where this work lives. It’s not where the invitation for this work comes from. You won’t be able to make the invitation from there. The same thing is true for all of your people – too often they are living outside the vibration of their true work and true calling, trying to ‘make it happen.’ But that’s not the vibration of their true work in the world, so when they make the invitation into their world, the vibration falls flat. When you’re outside your vibration, causing change is incredibly difficult. You’ve been training your whole life to support people in making change from inside the field.

Source – You couldn’t have known at age 27 when you had your first in-depth experience of creating inside the field that you were preparing to support other people to manifest from inside the field. You couldn’t have known that this capacity would be required to activate a new story for humanity – but this capacity is required. It’s always been how change happens, and the requirement to work from inside the field is especially concentrated at times of exponential evolution, for that’s where Humanity’s new story exists!

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