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Your Soul’s Truth

Sometimes you are really far away from your soul’s truth. Sometimes you are living in and from your soul’s truth. Sometimes you are near by it, sometimes you are further away. There is an opportunity at any point to tune in directly to how in tune I am with my soul’s truth.

The degree to which you living in and from your soul’s truth is the degree to which your life works. And when we say your life is working we mean all aspects of your life, including your physical body. Every time we step away from our soul’s truth we actually erode or harms ourselves including our physical body.


When you consistently say “yes” to things that are actually “nos” for you, you lose connection to who you are.

That’s when doubt and confusion pops in and you start asking yourself, “Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Where’s the thing that will give me some life? Does any of it matter?”

All the confusion, all the questions, and all the existential angst floats up to the surface and produces discontent.

Then you might notice yourself trying to distract yourself from the discontent or ‘fix’ the discontent as you search for your spark again.

You start asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Why don’t I feel any better? What will bring me joy again?” and you go searching for that!

But really, the lack of spark may just be an indication that you’ve left home base – that you’ve floated away from your soul’s truth.

So the next time you feel discontented, or if you’re feeling discontented right now, notice the knee-jerk reaction to fix the discontent.

Chances are, there are things you’re saying “yes” to that you’re really a “no” to.

In fact, you may have been saying “yes” to a thing that’s actually a “no” for so long, that you don’t even realize you’re living a bunch of “nos” because you’re so habituated to them.

At that point, you don’t need more… what you need is to clean house!

You can’t get to your soul’s truth with so many “nos” on your plate that you are currently saying “yes” to – it obscures the truth and it obscures the path to that truth.

Where are the branches in your life that are no longer bearing fruit and need to be pruned?

Is it a relationship with a client, friend, or family member that’s been draining you for too long? Is it how you’re treating your body? Is it how you’re spending your time or money? Who or what has to go?

If you want more joy, satisfaction, and greater impact, sharpen your “no.” Get ruthless with pruning and you will clear the path back to your soul’s truth. That’s when your inner spark will come alive and burn bright again.

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