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Your Singular Voice

Everyone of us has that thumb print that is absolutely singular. No one on this planet does what YOU do YOUR way. Are you using your singular voice?

Your voice is never static. There is always something fresh to share, something new to lean into. Ask yourself what haven’t you shared yet? And when you reach into the hearts of your tribe what haven’t you touched yet?


We’re here to be sense makers in a time that makes less than less sense for a lot of people.

And the thing that will have your people recognize you, see you, respond to you, want to work with you, want to join you, want to be part of your tribe…

Is having your signature voice.

Every one of us has this signature in our voice – a singular voice. Every one of us has that thumbprint that is absolutely singular.

It’s in your vision, your mission, who you care about, what you care about and why you care about it.

No one on this planet does what you do your way.

Take that in for a minute.

Because many of us look around and say, “Yeah, it’s a noisy marketplace. There are lots of people doing what I do.

No, not true. There is no one that does what you do your way with the people you’re called to serve.

The question is, are you using your singular voice?

Because while your voice is singular, it’s never static.

So often people want to get their message “right,” and by that, they usually mean something fixed and static that they know will work. It gives them a sense of control and certainty. And yes, there’s a place for this when it comes to things like developing the message for your offers.

But there’s always something fresh to share – something new to lean into – something you’re peering at from a particular perspective that is unique to you, which is part of having your singular voice be expressed.

So the question is, “What am I looking at, contemplating or exploring that I haven’t shared yet? What perspective on my market or this world haven’t I spoken to?”

And when you reach into the hearts of your tribe members, “What deeper hunger or longing haven’t touched in them yet?”

As a tribal leader, “Who is it that my people need me to be for them? What’s the stand I’m here to take for them? What commitments do they need from me, for them to get the courage to rise up, lean in and have the change they’re looking for in their lives, their businesses, and the world?”

That is part of this singular voice.

If you were to make your signature voice public, to your right people – the ones that are most hungry for who you are, and what you’ve got – they’ll show up and respond.

You can look at anything you develop or deliver in your marketing, your messaging, your copy, your social media posts, and anything you develop or deliver and you can ask yourself…

“Is this my singular voice or not?”

The moment you ask it, you will probably have your answer.

If the answer is no, you can dig deeper into what is.

What’s muting or muffling my voice? Am I busy trying to do it the right way or exploring how to do this most fully my way?

It’s time to do your thing more boldly, more creatively, your way. It’s time to have your signature in all you do. It’s time to take the guardrails off the way ‘it’s done’ so you can create something we’ve never seen before – something that opens up whole new worlds for your people and ushers in a new paradigm for us all.

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