Is it possible to do your best work (the thing you’re actually on earth for) AND have massive receptivity for it?

I know everyone says you can…

And you probably believe you can…

But getting there can be a challenge, right?

The problem is that most people don’t know how to take that essential thing inside of them and get it out there.

In my experience, most coaches fall into one of four experiences on their way to doing their life’s work and getting well rewarded for it. 

Think of an X-Y graph…

On the X-axis, you have your business’ receptivity level, which goes from massive rejection on one side to massive receptivity on the other.

The Y-axis represents your work. On one side is the work you merely get paid to do, on the other is your best work (where your genius lives).

This creates four quadrants, and any given coach falls somewhere in there.

Let’s say you’re doing the work you can get paid for (which you may be super competent at, but doesn’t unleash your genius), and you get massive rejection. 

I call these coaches newbies, and I talked about them in my last email. These are coaches who use the 3P marketing strategy and have yet to figure things out.

Then you have the two quadrants I believe most people fall under.

The first group is what I call “purpose followers.” They’re doing their best work, but still get massive rejection. Their message doesn’t resonate with other people. But these coaches still believe in it and work hard to spread it.

On the other hand, you have profit followers who do the opposite. They don’t do their best work, but they can pay the bills because their message gets massive receptivity.

While this might seem appealing, it can actually be very emotionally draining. They never get to do what they truly believe in. 

It’s common for people to go from being purpose followers to profit followers. I know I did.

At some point, you realize that all the work you’re doing can’t help you grow if nobody wants to listen. And then you decide to focus on profit to keep your business afloat.

Is there a way to get both profit and purpose? I’ll share my thoughts about that in my next post.

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