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You Have A Fire Inside of You

You have a hunger inside of you. A burning to share what you are here to share. The full expression of who you are is something you feel but other people often don’t get. Your “being” is the way for your calling to move out into the world, which means the full expression of you must be expressed


How far can I go and still be included?

How far can I go and still be part of the tribe?

This question is inside of you. It may be a question that you’ve never fully articulated in that language, but check in and ask yourself, “Do I have that question?”

If so, we want to have you introduce a different question:

How far can I lead my people?

All your people are in a narrow box of how far they can go, how much they can do, how much they can say, how fully expressed they can be, and how much change they can make. But you’re the leader. You’re here to lead your people.

Leadership is not about a boundary where you get to be included – it’s about the trajectory of how far you and your people can go together.

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