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You Are A World Creator

Every human on this planet is a world creator. You are always creating worlds and taking people on journeys inside those worlds. If you want to increase your impact, your satisfaction, your joy, your income you must get clearer about the world you are here to create. And the journey your are to take people on inside that world.


The people and organizations you’re called to serve have reached an expiration date of the world in which they’re living. The reality they’re using to navigate their life is expired, that story is done, they’ve reached the last page, the book has been closed. 

Have you ever read a great book, and when it ends and you wait, hoping to find the next great book to get absorbed? Your people are very much like that – their life or business is being lived inside of a story that has been completed and is done, which is why they’re hungry and ready for a new story. 

What they don’t know – that you must know as a paradigm changer – is that in order to enter a new story they need to enter a new world. Just like when you start a new book, every book crafts a world where the story takes place, and that world impacts the unfolding of the characters inside of that story. So too, we want you to be much more intentional about crafting the world within which your work works.

For your people to become the people they’re being called to become, your work must take place inside of a new world where those outcomes are commonplace – not inside of the world that they are coming from where that transformation isn’t possible!

The issue is this: if your people don’t know that working with you will require them to leave the world they live in and enter a new one, they’re likely to stay in the world they’ve come from while trying to engage with you. That’s when things stop working and get incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.

So share with your people what it looks like in your world and in your reality!

Let them know how things work, what’s expected, how people relate to one another, the beliefs you hold to be true, the role spiritual guidance plays, what risk-taking is like, what community is like, how you’ll engage with them in this world, and more!

Paint a picture of what they’ll have to let go of, the challenges they’ll likely face, the places where people often stumble. But most importantly, paint a picture of the promised land – the life that’s waiting for them when they engage on the journey you offer and step into a new world!

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