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You Are A Creator

There are people on this planet with the sole intention of creating new possibilities, new potential realities. Each one of you can feel this inside of you.

If you get quiet enough you can feel this call, this seed of desire, this knowing. That there is something else something more expansive, more fruitful, more life giving, something more expansive. Something your soul came here to participate in unfolding… meaning to make it manifest in this pane of existence.


There are people whose role in society is to maintain the status quo.

But there are other people with the sole intention of offering up new possibilities, creating new potential realities, and bringing new consciousness to how we co-create our world today.

You’re one of these people.

You can feel this inside of you – this seed inside of you that knows you’re here to bring something new.

If you get quiet enough, you can feel this seed of desire – this knowing that there is something else, something more, something more expansive, something more fruitful, something more life-giving, something more creative, something more interesting, something more expansive, that your soul came here to participate in making manifest in this reality and this plane of existence. You have a calling.

Another way to say this is, “Yeah, there’s something I came here to do.”

There may be times when you experience this seed of a calling as a duty – something you have to do. It came to you, so you must answer it.

That holds the calling as something distinct from you, that’s been implanted within you… so now you are obligated to answer it and do something with it.

That’s an incorrect perception because the reality is, your calling is your soul’s intent – it is not just why you came, it’s an expression of who you are.

So there is no duty to it, it’s not something out there that you must respond to. Instead, there is a process of becoming or realizing more and more of who you are and making it manifest in this world. In doing so, your calling is realized because it’s your lifeforce energy backed by lifeforce energy in this world.

Whenever we respond to that seed inside as a duty, we become victims of our calling. It weighs us down and our ability to manifest In this world becomes hindered.

But when we say, “Oh, this calling IS me and the expression of that calling is made manifest in this world, would you not delight in that?

Is it common to sometimes struggle and get frustrated? To try things on as an expression of who you are, and realize “that’s not it!” Yes, of course – that’s the process of creation. But you can even delight in that if you so choose.

So we have these two themes: duty and delight.

Duty leads to drudgery. Delight leads to discovery.

You came here primarily to do three things in life: discover, build and guide. As you move into delight, you discover new pathways, you build infrastructure for others, and then you guide others via that infrastructure.

Delight is the fuel that will lead the way.

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