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Working at your EDGE


I recently saw a ‘confessional video’ on Facebook by a friend and colleague I love and respect in a big way.

The confessional was that he’s called to something bigger. 

For him, it’s working with world-level leaders doing civilization, societal, world-level change…

He shared that he’d kept it quiet because it felt really vulnerable and his inner voice was scared, saying “Who am I to claim this”? 

Maybe you know the “Who am I?” voice? Sometimes it sounds like…

  • Who am I to be/do/have this?
  • Will they want what I’m called to bring?
  • Will it work/ will I be successful?
  • What will happen to the things I’ve already built or the people I’ve been serving?
  • How much will my life change?

Failure, disappointment, rejection – they’re all in there, asking the same essential question: “Will I be okay?”

Here’s why I share this:

  1. I know the call to something bigger and the voices of fear that rise up in response quite intimately. If you’re in my tribe, I’m guessing you do, too. 
  2. While “coming out” about the bigger thing you’re called to do can feel really vulnerable, it’s the fastest way forward (and staying quiet can make you feel really alone). 
  3. These voices can shut you down or light a fire under your butt. So when you look for assurance about your path and there’s none to be found except from your inner guidance, remind yourself that you’re living on your edge and in the midst of exponential growth!

After all, if you’re on this planet to change the world, there’s a good chance that the call to something bigger is on your heart, and if it is, it isn’t going away! 

In fact, you probably noticed that the sense of “something bigger” you’re meant to do has only gotten stronger over the past few years…

Because the need is great.

If you’ve ever found yourself reading through news sites, seeing that the world we’ve known is destabilizing, scared of where things are going, and wondering what you can do…

The answer is simple:  do the bigger work you’re called to do. 

Because stagnation may feel safe for a while…

But over time, it kills the spirit.

So maybe like my friend on Facebook, your next step would be to make a public declaration to put your ass on the line, connect with like-minded mission-holders, and get energy into motion.

Remember this: your calling came to you because you have the capacity to answer it! You wouldn’t be able to sense it or feel it if you didn’t, so trust it. Whoever you’re called to become to do your bigger work is inside of you, waiting to be embodied and expressed. Your bigger business is the most direct path for that expression!

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