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Within You is a Seed of a Story YOU are Designed to Tell

Like a seed in the ground a seed does no good, until it is placed in the soil, watered and nurtured for it to take root and sprout. For many of use that seed, that dream for the world, has been unattended to.


Great change-makers throughout history always had a dream for what could be – a dream for the world they wanted to see in the world.

What’s unique about their dream is that it provided a level of hope that was greater than any despair that existed in their world. That’s what carried them – their hope, their faith, and their commitment to that dream.

Like them, within you there is a seed of a dream you have for the world and a story about that dream that you’re designed to tell.

But just like a seed in the ground, this seed doesn’t come alive and flourish until it is placed in the soil, watered, and nurtured.

For many of us, the dream we have for the world has been unattended to… and it’s lying dormant inside of us. You may have a dream for your own life, but haven’t necessarily clarified your dream for the world!

How often do you spend time attending to the dream you have for this world, or for the industry or sector of society that you feel called to serve?

If you are called to be a trailblazer, called to usher in a new story for humanity, that story must first be found in your own heart, rooted in something deep and tender.

Here’s what’s paradoxical: touching this story can be vulnerable, and it’s what gives you great strength.

Great warriors like Joan of Arc had at their core, a deep tenderness of care. It is that tenderness of their care that inspired the commitment of their heart, which inspired the often fierceness of their leadership, which is what people followed.

We encourage you to find a place of tenderness and care inside, and from that place ask, “What’s my dream? When I gaze forward at this world and the part of this world that I really feel called to impact, what do I see? What’s my dream? Not what’s potentially feasible in my lifetime, but simply, what’s my dream?”

That dream can stoke a fire of hope inside of you, which is greater than any despair.

Leaders that can instill hope, can lead people to destinations they never thought were possible, so cultivate that hope inside of yourself! Stoke that fire of hope ‘til the hope burns bright in you! Then share your dream everywhere you go!

As your hope burns bright, the people that get inspired by you will have a fire of hope activated within them. Through you and your dream, they will dream again. They will see that it is possible to have a new story. They will generate hope and join you in a dream of how things can be.

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