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Why Not Focus On You?

There is a seed inside of you the way there is a seed that grows the oak or the flower. That seed like all seeds knows it’s full potential. If you look at nature even among the same species they are no two alike. Each one knows it’s unique expression. The same thing is true of each of us. There is a seed inside of us that knows it’s full expression.


Pete and I just got back from a week in Mammoth and Yosemite in the Eastern Sierras. One of my favorite photos from the trips is above… and no, it doesn’t have much to do with this week’s message! LOL.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have an inspired idea that you’re called to do, and the idea itself has tons of aliveness…

But then when you go to express it, you do it in a way that drains much of that aliveness and animation out of it?

Maybe you do it in some way you were taught to do or that you think people want… and somehow in the process of developing the idea, it becomes compromised.

This happens when you didn’t fully follow the inspired idea all the way through, allowing it to be expressed accurately!

What I often see is people trying to do their thing the right way.

What if, instead, you did your thing really fully your way? What would that look like?

After all, you’re called to bring something no one else has brought before – not the way it can be expressed through you!

There’s a seed inside of you that knows your full expression. That knows, “This is what I am called to do and this is the way I am called to do it!”

This seed knows how to express itself accurately.

It knows what you’re here to say, what you’re here to do, how you’re meant to do it, what you’re called to lead, and who you’re called to lead!

When you produce something accurately it becomes additive – meaning, it adds something to this world in a meaningful way.

Accuracy is the byproduct of honesty. And honesty isn’t just about naming what it is – it’s about honestly expressing it!

This means that you can only do your thing the way it wants to be expressed through you.

When you’re honest in the answering of your calling, and there’s accuracy and the delivery of it, you’re adding to the unfolding of what’s going on in this world.

When what’s “supposed to work” isn’t working anymore, I challenge you to ask yourself this question:

“Am I doing my work absolutely, unapologetically, and fully the way I’m inspired to do it?”

  1. If not, follow up with these three questions:
    How do I want to do it?
  2. How does it want to be done?
  3. How does my tribe want to experience it through me?

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