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Who Gets to Be In Your World?


You know that you are here as a guide – not to be a guide, you are a guide.

And it’s time to give up working with people who are not on the journey that you are a guide for.

Anytime you’re working with someone where the work doesn’t seem to flow, chances are one of two things are true:

Either they aren’t actually on the journey that you’re a guide for, or they may not be ready for, and internally committed to, going on the journey for which you are a guide.

Until they’re actually committed to the journey, your support won’t move the needle in their lives. The guide cannot make the commitment for the hero. That’s the hero’s job. The guide is the one to show up and be available when the hero is ready to do the work.

Too often, you say yes to people who aren’t ready for what you’ve got.. aren’t even asking for what you’ve got, or are asking you to do for them what only they can do themselves.

Part of the journey of mastery is not just developing the skills of mastery – not just developing the detailed map and the intricate understanding of the journey others are on…

It’s also having a firm stand for only working with those that are on that journey and committed to that journey. Because that is the only time that your purpose is fully elicited.

The Master does not step across that boundary.

The master has a clear line that others must step across in order to meet the master.

The master knows they must have a boundary in place and that others must consciously cross as part of their commitment to their journey.

So get really clear about what’s got to be true for people to be in your world.

What are the prerequisites for your people to enter your world and receive your support for their journey? What commitment do they need to have made to be ready for the kind of support you provide?

Get clear about what that is and boldly share it with your people!

You’ll discover a deeper level of authority in yourself that others will feel!

When they sense that authority in you, they can feel your capacity to support them, champion them, and inspire them… but also to challenge them, stretch them, and hold a higher bar for them than they hold for themselves…

When you are doing the work you’re designed to do for the people who are committed to receiving the very support you’re designed to provide…

That’s living your purpose.

So be rooted in your understanding of this line in the sand and your willingness to stand your ground in service to someone’s journey!

That’s when your people will know you as the master guide you are.

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