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What is surrender… and how do you do it?

So often when you think of surrender you perceive it as giving up or of letting go or almost a form of quitting. But surrendering is relinquishing the belief that you can do it on your own. So it is a surrender into the blossoming of the heart.


Surrender is not about giving up – surrender is about opening… about increasing your receptivity, which happens in the heart. See the image of a time-lapse flower blossoming within your heart. That is surrender.

If you forget that there’s guidance all around you. If you forget that there is support for you – both among fellow people on earth as well as in the spirit realm. If you simply forgot that it was there…

Here is a prayer of surrender:
“My prayer of surrender is that I am open and available. I am willing to receive whatever I need for my highest good on this journey right now. Whatever resources need to come my way, whatever people I need, whatever doors need to open, whatever conversations need to happen, whatever experiences I need to experience, whatever it is for my highest good and the highest good of us all. I am open to it. I am available to it. I surrender into a larger field of goodness, that I am a part of.”

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