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What do I want? What does the Universe want for me?

There is always this conversation about what do I want on one hand and then over here there’s this other conversation of what does the universe want for me. So often when we are in the question of what do I want that we put barriers or limitations around it and it becomes quite small.

It’s almost as if you project it on a veil or screen. We are always trying to look at that screen. What’s in that picture? What’s on that screen? What do I want? How am I getting it? Everything that the universe wants for you exists on the other side of that veil or screen.


There’s always the question, “What do I want?”…

And then there’s this other question, “What does the Universe want for me?”

(Of course, when we say “Universe” your eternal self/soul is included in that definition.)

So often when you’re asking, “What do I want?”, it’s in response to lack.

If you’re asking for something you want from a field of lack, there’s never going to be enough that is sufficient to fill the craving that comes from a field of lack.

The question, “What does the universe want for me?” does not come from a field of lack.

Instead, it comes from a field of absolute ultimate resourcefulness.

When you’re asking, “ What does the Universe want for me?” your heart is open, you’re willing to receive and ready to take action.

Being willing to receive is about allowing in more grace.

Taking action is about stepping forward with courage.

Courage is moving beyond the known. And of course, if your soul opted in to be part of the transformation of the world at this time, you are continually called to go beyond what you know.

This requires a deepening of trust in action. You can say you trust the Universe by tuning in, listening, and getting downloads for inspiration.

But are you taking action on what you hear and what you know?

Listening alone is not trust. Trust is deepened in action.

Imagine stepping stones across a river… you take one next step, getting your footing on that rock, then take the next step, getting your footing on that rock. Eventually, you may start leaping from rock to rock with joy.

Then we come to grace.

When we are in the conversation of what the Universe wants for me, we enter into a field of grace.

Grace does not ask what have you done to earn me? Grace simply wants to give itself to us – to pour love and goodness into every nook and cranny of our being because we exist are we’re part of the field of all that is.

This is a conversation of ultimate resourcefulness. So to give to you does not pull from ultimate resourcefulness, it just fills you up to activate your joy.

When your joy is activated, you become part of that ultimate resourcefulness, because you become highly available to the universe.

So we invite you to make this shift from “What do I want” to “What does the Universe want for me?”

It’s a moment-by-moment conversation because the Universe doesn’t want just one thing for you… ultimately the Universe wants for you to be in a reciprocal relationship with it.

Open yourself up and allow grace to pour into you – to activate your joy and move you into being an active, courageous part of the resourcefulness for the unfolding goodness in this world.

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