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Unlocking Your Mission’s Real Audience


I had a copywriting jam session with one of my clients last week. The next day, he sent me a message saying, “There’s something that kind of poked out from our conversation, Jeffrey. You kept talking about ‘my people,’ and I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels off about it.”

The moment I heard this message, I thought, “It IS off!” Because it’s not “your people” – it’s the work’s people.

Here’s what I mean…

The vast majority of people I work with come to me when they know they’ve got something they’re here to do and deliver. Something comes to them, or they’ve traveled far enough in their work and world to see the intersection of disparate things, and something new emerges. 

Then it’s like, “Oh, I’ve got something!” 

And whatever ‘that thing’ is, they know it’s their purpose and raison d’être (reason for being). There’s a soul agreement with that thing to give birth to it, give voice to it, and give a platform to it so it can be delivered to the people who want it. They are on assignment with it in this lifetime. 

The work came to offer something to a group of people in the world, so the people this work is meant for are ITS people – not yours. 

YOU are the steward of IT.

So how do you work as the steward of something? You partner with the work, which has its own energy, life force, and intelligence.

How do you identify the ‘ideal client’? How do you tap into the yearning in the customer and audience that this work is a response to? How do you create an optimal strategy? What do you broadcast as your message? 

Ask the work!

Who do YOU want us to serve? 
What’s the yearning those people have that this work is an answer to? 
What are the optimal next steps in the business to connect with and serve these people? 
What’s the message they need to hear in order to know that this work is meant for them?

The job of someone with a calling is to become a partner with the calling – to partner with the work and learn what it wants to deliver through you. Everything you need is connected to the work – the insights, the wisdom, the strategy, the people, the audience, the money, the delivery of purpose – it’s all there.

When I work with clients (and in delivering my own work), it can be easy to forget this… and the moment we forget, we try to ‘figure it out’ with intellect. But our minds never have access to the evolutionary intelligence that your mission is connected to, so it routinely comes up short. 

Instead, use your mind as the tool for crafting questions, then go to the intelligence of the work for the answers. It’s a beautiful system!

Remember that whatever it is you’re here to deliver, it came to you because:

  1. You’re the perfect person to deliver it. (Your soul wouldn’t have orchestrated for you to discover it if this weren’t true).
  2. There is an audience in the world asking for this. They are asking for it energetically (usually not in words). This is because they’ve never seen it before and therefore don’t have the words to articulate it. They will recognize it when they see it or hear about it because their soul was calling for it, through you.
  3. You are the bridge between the work and its people. 

As you trust the work, rely on it, and collaborate with it, it will always have the wisdom that you most need to develop and deliver it to the people the work is intended for. Follow it, and the thing you’re here to deliver will find its way.


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