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Tuning Into The Heart

When you look out into the world of possibilities you will see a word of pure potential. But how do you know which direction you need to go? The answer is in the heart. Your heart knows the way. Strategy will come once you know the answer.


You are here to activate an energy in this planet, not just a conversation.

We want you to be courageous messengers. Courage: from the old French word corage, which translates to “heart.” So we want you to cultivate the heart. If you’re here to usher in Humanity’s news story, it’s not a new story of the mind alone. It’s a story of the heart, from the heart.

After all, you are here to activate an energy in this planet, not just a conversation, because all conversations have an energetic core – a frequency to them. If you are here to usher in a new conversation in this world – to activate a new story for humanity, this activation must be from the heart.

Because ultimately, what is Humanity’s new story? Where does this new story come from? It comes in the consciousness, the understanding, and most of all, the experience that we are all one. It comes from oneness. And oneness is not an idea. Oneness is an experience. What’s the most direct place to go to feel that experience? The heart. The heart is where you connect.

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