In my last post, I talked about embracing your big ideas. I explained how you need to create a new path and offer something unique.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this concept to help you figure out your place in the market – and the world as a whole.

You see, people often think that their ideas should revolve around their work. They ask:

“What am I here to do?”

As a thought leader, that’s not the question that matters. You should be asking:

“What am I here to change?”

That one word makes all the difference.

It shifts the focus from you to your tribe. It uncovers what you need to change in the environment around you.

Because let me tell you:

Tribes want leaders. They need someone who’ll come to them and show them the right way. You need to see the elephant in the room. Find the big mistake your tribe is making.

And then you need to show them the right way to do things.

For example, I have a friend who’s a relationship coach for single black women. She knows a lot about relationships in general, but focuses on powerful black women who can’t seem to find a man.

She realized that their problems stem from using counterproductive strategies. Basically, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Their drive towards achievement makes them unable to be open and receive.

This is the kind of thing a thought leader should be able to point out. Something that eludes other people.  

When you look at your work from this perspective, your path will become much clearer. Above and beyond doing the work, you’ll transform the existing paradigm.

This is what your tribe needs from you. So go ahead and show them you can do it.

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