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Translating the guidance you receive


We create the world we know with the stories we tell. Everything we’ve created started as a story, which is the creational tool of our world.

But the Universe doesn’t speak in English (or whatever your native tongue is) – it expresses as frequencies that we do our best to translate into form.

We translate it by attuning to it with our senses: we see visions, we hear messages, we feel inner knowings.

The challenge is that when you get downloads, the information you receive is never fully complete (in the grand scheme of the entire Universe) and it often doesn’t make sense at first. 

So it’s easy to dismiss the guidance and not share it with others…

Especially when the information you’re receiving really stretches your sense of reality – or stretches your sense of yourself and what you believe you can or cannot do. 

This tendency to dismiss what you receive only gets amplified when you think about sharing insights publicly. After all, who wants to sound stupid, foolish, or too ‘out there’ sharing what you’re getting!

So if you don’t understand it right away, just stick with it. When things come through that you don’t understand, get curious about it, rather than dismissing it. Try asking things like:

  • Why is this coming through now? 
  • Why do I keep seeing this image? 
  • What’s this message about?
  • Anything else you want to share about that? 
  • What’s most important for me to share? 
  • What’s next? What else?

Because the more you stick with it and move from trying to get it to simply staying curious about it, the more things will flow.

When I’m connecting with my guidance, you will see me pause at different times. A pocket of information will come through. It’s like opening up a zip file. It drops in, I open the file, and all the other files related to that piece of content open up and the awareness drops in all at once. Then I unpack that with language as best I can, then tune in and wait for the next packet of info. 

Remember, the Universe does not speak English or whatever language you speak. It’s energy and transmitted as frequency.

And the degree to which the information you receive gets translated accurately is the degree to which the movement of your life and mission accelerates.

Because the energy you’re tapping into isn’t just what’s wanting to happen – it’s something that’s already happening. It’s a constant energy stream of what’s unfolding. It propels itself – and when you’re accurately attuned to it, it propels you as well.

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