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The seduction of problems


When your clients come into your world, what they want more than anything is a new story…

One that will animate a new reality in their life or business. 

Of course, they’d never say it that way, but how we create our experiences is with the stories we tell about who we are and about how life/business is… 

So if you want to help a person or system change their experience, don’t just address the problem – address the story that’s giving rise to the problem. 

As marketers, we meet people where they are at and the pain or problem they are experiencing, because that’s what’s driving their desire for change…

And while it can be easy to get seduced by their problems, resist the urge to meet them at the level of the problem, swooping in as the hero that solves them.

Because one of the greatest gifts you can give those you serve is to know that the story that got them to where they are isn’t the story won’t get them to where they’re called to go next.

Like stale water that has become putrid, stale stories contaminate our lives.

So dig into the story that is giving rise to their problems and bring them on a journey to discover the new story that’s in the field, just waiting for adoption – the story that will animate an entirely new experience for them and every person and system they touch.

Every story is rooted in a particular frequency of consciousness, so the work that’s really being asked for is to provide the support people and systems need to elevate their consciousness. 

Their problems live in a certain frequency of consciousness, so whoever you’re working with or whatever system you’re working with, the real work is recognizing that there is a wholly different frequency of consciousness they could be residing in and working from…

And if they were to elevate the frequency of their consciousness, that many of the problems they’re experiencing would be easily “solved” because in a new frequency of consciousness, they simply fall away. 

I don’t speak about this in terms of a kind of magic fairyland version of “let’s just all float up into a new frequency of consciousness”, because there’s a relationship between our essence/truth and our woundedness that’s always at play. In order to elevate in consciousness we often need to go deeper into whatever the old patterning that’s keeping us in the existing frequency of consciousness. 

As we activate new stories for the people, teams, companies and industries we serve, we do our part in activating a new story for humanity…

Because the people, companies, and systems living these new stories become the activators of new stories for others.

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