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The power of fierceness


In last week’s message, I talked about showing up as a leader for your clients. It’s a big theme in my life right now and by the response to the message it seems you have that call as well.  

If there’s anything I’ve learned (and have to keep re-learning), it’s that if you step into a leadership role for your people – and want to be highly paid for that work…

One of the first things that has to go is your need to be liked.

Because people who are truly committed to change won’t pay you for your kindness.

They may like you, follow you, and even trust you because of your kindness…

But they won’t pay you for it.

They’ll pay you for your fierceness. 

Leadership requires fierceness. 

In fact, the only mentors I ever hire are those that scare me – because I know deep down I won’t be able to hide out or play small with them in my life. 

I hire them because they hold a sword of truth that can help liberate something in me that’s ready to be unlocked and brought online.

Your best clients are looking for the same thing.

Whether they are individuals, corporate teams, or whole institutions, they are in the world looking for a leader who isn’t afraid to speak the truth, can see through their BS, and helps them get where they’re called to go.

But if you’re not showing up with a fierceness that they can feel, they’ll dismiss you because they can sense that you don’t have the guts to help them cut away everything that cannot go with them to their new reality.

After all, when you’re wielding a sword of truth, that which does not serve gets severed. 

People know that. And they can sense whether or not you have the courage to show up bravely in service to their highest good… even if that’s confronting as hell sometimes.

At the meta level, there is so much need for change in our world right now…

But we DO NOT turn things around by being nice. We turn them around with a fierce sword of truth rooted in love. 

Will you be labeled a disruptor if you’re holding that sword? Probably.

Will you be respected, in demand and highly paid by people, teams, and institutions that are looking for someone who can help them with deep and true transformation? Absolutely.

So if you’re committed to being a change agent in this world, sharpen your sword. 

So long as you’re connected to your heart while you wield your sword of truth, it’ll be a sharpness you can trust…

And so will those who are asking for your service as you wield it.

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