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The Multitudes Within

Have you noticed that there are multitudes within you? There are multiple versions of you. Is the version of you that’s showing up to your work the version congruent with the work that needs to be done?


Which version of you is living your purpose?

The time has come to be more consistently dialed into the version of you that is congruent with your calling.

Have you noticed that there are multiple versions of you? There’s the version that you show up with most days. That’s the version you know of as “you.” 

But there are many other versions, right? 

When you’re in your crap, there’s that version. When I’m in my crap, that’s the version of me that says, “I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know who needs this.” I lose my way in terms of purpose, and down to the bottom of the barrel, I often say things like, “I don’t know that anybody needs what I’ve got.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever had that thought. But that’s the one that kicks up for me when I drop down. 

And then there are those times when you’re flying high. When you’re deeply inspired, where you’re deeply connected to your guidance, where the insights are poppin’ and you know the next step to take. And it’s not because it’s logical or pre-planned, but because it’s obvious at that moment – it lights up and you simply realize “Oh, that’s the next thing to do! Ooh, talk to that person… Ooh, go there, open that door, send this message out, post that, go here!” It’s that place of activation and inspiration. 

There are many people in the world who are so shrouded by the story of their wound that they can’t see past it. They’re in that darkness and don’t know they have the choice to dial into another frequency or expression of their identity. 

But you don’t live there! You have done significant levels of work on yourself, so now you actually know the choice – good job! You’ve done great work preparing yourself to be in the place where you ask yourself, “Am I going to stay in this old story of myself? Or am I going to step into the liberated expression of myself… the version of myself that can partner with my life’s calling?”

This is an invitation to notice and monitor the version of you that is showing up to your work. Is it the version of you that’s congruent with the work that needs to be done? 

Whether your next step is leading a training, starting a big initiative or doing a social media post, who is showing up to that activity? Is it the person that’s congruent with the most purposeful outcome of the activity… or somebody else? 

As you move forward this week and into this year, we want you to imagine what would be possible for you and through you if you focused on choosing the version of you that’s showing up when you do your life’s work. Imagine spending this whole year putting a focus and activating that version of you that knows yourself and leading from there.

How would it feel?

I know for me, there’s ease and peace, deep knowing, and an activated kind of aliveness and excitement to do my life’s work.

What is it for you? How does it feel? Imagining spending this whole year dialed into and choosing over and over and over, the version of yourself that’s not interested in your wounded identity, but instead activates your essence and authority more and more fully.

See yourself engaged in your work… What do you notice that’s different about how you’re showing up, what gets accomplished, who’s around you, what changes within you and what gets accomplished through you in the world?.

Also notice the deep level of trust in yourself. The old doubt, worry, fear and anxiety is not there. You simply trust yourself – and in that trust you’re more discerning and trusting in the world, and with your guidance. This is what we want for you. 

Jeffrey talks about “Humanity’s New Story” and this is part of your new story. And of course, your new story is the true story – and it becomes true when you choose it.

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