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The Middle Finger


I was on zoom with a client recently… and she kept giving me the middle finger!

Okay, well, not with her hands – but her energy was giving me a big ‘ol “F-U!”

She hired me to help her shift her positioning in her market and we were working on the core argument for her to sell the new work.

She kept saying, “But I don’t want to be known for that anymore!”

I’d respond, “We’re not leading with it in your positioning, but isn’t that a necessary part of your delivery?”

She’d say yes, but her body was saying no.

Finally I just said, “What’s up with the middle finger you keep giving me?”

She responded, “I’m not giving you a middle finger!!!”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, but your energy is… and I think we need to listen to it.”

I gave her an exercise to interview it, and her voice of resistance said, “You told Jeffrey you want to be known for X, but that’s going to put you in the same kind of work situations you don’t want to do anymore! It’s time to get real about what you’re really on earth to do.”

It then told her exactly what she truly wanted to be doing, and while it excited her tremendously, it would be a big left turn in her business – not just a positioning adjustment.

She went into prayer and asked the Universe to send her a sign that this was the right direction. Within 24 hours, boom, boom, boom, she had multiple confirmations that she was now on the right path.

Like so many of us when we’re in resistance, she thought the resistance was against her, so she kept trying to tamp it down and power over it.

But really the resistance was for her, saying, “No more prostituting yourself for money. No more doing what’s acceptable because it pays the bills. No more doubting your worth by not leading with what you really have to share.”

There comes a time in your evolution when your system just won’t stand for letting you play your old games. When some part of you rears up and says, “No more!” and demands you stand in your value like never before.

Access the wisdom of that resistance. It’s often alerting you to something that needs to be let go of, or something that needs to be put into place for you to move ahead safely and in integrity.

It might be saying…

  • You need some quiet time to hear this message clearly and be honest about this next phase.
  • Your old work is seeping into the new offer and it’s poisoning the well.
  • Stop letting the wrong people hire you – it’s draining you and not serving them.
  • It’s time to work with people who want to go where you can take them… and here’s the criteria to use to vet them.
  • You need to prioritize your mental/spiritual/physical health to be ready for what’s going to show up when you launch this!

This client I mentioned hadn’t had new work coming in for months, but within 3 days of the client above saying yes to the radical new path, she already had her first exciting new gig lined up…

So whatever your resistance shares, listen.

Treat it with honor and take action on its guidance.

It’ll be what gets you out of the rut and joyfully into motion.

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