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The Calm in your Calling


If you’re truly on the path of answering your calling, it will stretch you. 

Over and over again.

Because every calling vibrates at the frequency of unity consciousness, which rattles the conditioned self.

At a soul level, you raised your hand and said, “I will do my part in ushering this new story for humanity into the world, in my sphere of influence.”

Another way to say that is, “I will usher in new frequencies of consciousness into this planet.” 

  • I’ll usher them in with the stories I tell. 
  • I will usher them in with the conversations I have.
  • I’ll usher them in with the ideas I share. 
  • I’ll usher them in with the businesses I lead. 
  • I’ll usher them in with my personal practices, which help me embody these frequencies.
  • I’ll usher them in with the initiatives that I help champion and bring forth in this world. 
  • I will help usher these frequencies in. 

That is, essentially, the nature of a calling. 

Now, what does this require of us? 

It requires our physical energy system – our nervous system, to have greater and greater bandwidth for holding advanced energies and holding higher frequencies. 

You may enjoy the cutting-edge ideas mentally and spiritually… 

But if your nervous system is kicking into high gear, you’ll never get into action. 

Instead, may bounce back and forth between hyper-aroused anxiety and hypo-aroused despair, continually kicking you into fixing, fighting, and surviving. 

And the moment you’re in survival… you’re offline – disconnected from your higher self and higher guidance.

So it’s increasingly imperative for us to expand our capacity to have our nervous system stay rooted, calm, open, and available…

To find the calm in our callings.

This is a missing component for so many of us endeavoring to answer a larger call.  Part of our calling includes training ourselves and our bodies in the capacity to hold ideas, energies, and callings that are energetically expansive. 

When there that’s meditating, grounding in nature, breathwork, or the myriad of tools emerging teaching how to stimulate the vagus nerve and generate calm. 

As you know, everything is energy. You are energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. Your calling too is energy, and it vibrates at its frequency. 

The more calm you have in your body, the greater your capacity will be to attune to the energy of your calling and bring that frequency into your own being and body. and your calling has a frequency.

That’s when you’ll not only be a courageous messenger, broadcasting with your words…

You’ll also be a courageous messenger broadcasting the very essence of your calling with your very presence.


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