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The call for something more


We know that most of the problems people come to you for are actually symptoms of deeper patterns that they’re not entirely conscious of (but would probably recognize if voiced).

Just like there’s a deeper cause to the symptom, there’s a deeper mission hidden under the solutions you provide.

That deeper mission is what’s possible for this person, group, team, company or entity in it’s/their transformed state. What we’re talking about here is who they become and what they can do in the world when their lives are radically transformed, liberated and they are unleashed.

Another way to say that is, “What’s the deeper calling that some part of them is connected to and attuned to at a soul level, even if they aren’t entirely aware of it logically?”

What I find for anyone that does deep work is that your people are looking to you for deep support, because at some level, they feel the call for something more.

Yes, they’re looking for solutions to their presenting problems…

But they’re also looking for the permission, path, and power to answer a larger call.

The thing is, they know how to ask for support around their pains and symptoms (usually), but this piece being able to answer a larger call is often not conscious, so they don’t have the words to ask for it.

That’s why it’s our job to wake it up in them by speaking directly to that deeper yearning. That’s when some part of them wakes up to it and recognizes the truth of it.

Now, here’s the deal – they won’t recognize the bigger call if it’s out of context – and the context for them is whatever their pressing need or problem is showing up in their lives.

So if you’re ONLY speaking to an altruistic mission, it usually doesn’t land.

But if you say, “Hey, we can address the problem you’re facing and get you the solution you need… but even beyond that solution, here’s what’s possible for your life and your impact on this world”

THAT’S when they see you not just as a solution-provider, but as a champion of the larger version of them that’s seeking a path for expression and expansion!

You’re not just providing tangible solutions, which have a finite value…

You’re also providing intangible solutions (purpose and meaning), which have infinite value…

And when you bring these things together in your messaging, positioning and delivery…

People take notice and three important things happen…

One, you step out of being a standard coach, consultant or leader. You step away from so much of the competition that’s in the world because they’re not doing this. They’re busy solving the problems that people are presenting them with, and not going any deeper or further.

Two, you create a whole tribe of people around you who are up to big things, creating greater transformation in themselves and the world than they ever thought possible.

Three, you make more money because:
a. You’re delivering exponentially greater value, which allows you to charge more and concentrate on working with the people who are really asking for the best work you can deliver.
b. People take notice of the work you’re doing with those folks and want to be part of what you’re doing! That’s when high-level referrals and interesting opportunities naturally start flowing in.

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