In my last post, I explained the two dimensions of your life as a coach. I introduced you to the four quadrants based on the work that you do and its receptivity.

We went through the three categories of coaches – newbies, purpose followers, and profit followers.

But what about the fourth quadrant?

Is it possible to do your best work (the thing you’re actually on earth for) AND have massive receptivity for it?


But the problem is that most people don’t know how to take that essential thing inside of them and get it out there in a way that generates intrigue and income.

That’s the point of my fourth quadrant.

It’s all about harnessing what’s most unique about you that serves your tribe’s greatest problems.

That’s what generates interest…

And that interest eventually leads to income & influence, which is what you’re ultimately looking for as a coach.

You see, a common belief in our culture is that there’s this trade-off between money and meaning…

You can have one but not the other.

When I started out in this career, I used to argue with the Universe

“Am I a spiritual teacher or a business guy? Which one am I???”

One day, I heard this message…

“You’re both! In fact, Jeffrey, you’re on earth to put the two back together.”

This was a big turning point in my life.

Scary, because I didn’t have a template for it.

And I wasn’t sure how people would respond (and if they’d want what I was serving up).

And anyone who has created their thought leadership has felt the same. 

But it’s precisely this courage to do something differently that’s squarely in your genius that has you cut through the noise of the market…

And that’s when you get to do your best work and have many people crave it.

I call these coaches ‘niche creators’. And they fit in the fourth quadrant that I mentioned. The work that they do is incredibly meaningful and needed – not just to them, but for their tribe. 

As a result, they have massive receptivity that lets them grow as thought leaders.

Niche creators find out that they have a unique calling that doesn’t fit into anyone else’s box. 

They express that calling through their work and find an audience that always needs more of their work.

It’s at this moment that coaches embark on the exciting adventure of doing meaningful work. Unlike purpose followers, they start creating something that’s of incredible value to other people.

That’s what you can become with my help.

As a niche creator, you’re offering something of incredible value. That means you’re changing lives with your work.

And of course, you’re generating the income that you deserve from that work.

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