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Telling difficult truths


We’re here to activate a new story for humanity. And that starts with activating renewed stories in our own lives, which we do by telling the truth.

Telling the truth is not static because once you tell the truth about something it reveals the next truth. The work of telling the truth ongoingly is to say, “Well, I know this is true.” And once you metabolize that truth, then you can discover and tell the next truth.

I encountered this reality in a big way a few years ago…

I was getting burnt out on my business. I’d been doing this for nearly 20 years. I didn’t know if I was burnt out on my business model or burnt out on the types of people I was serving. Turns out it was a little bit of both. And I had to tell the truth about that.

It was a difficult truth to tell, in part because some of these people are folks that had been in my community for a long, long time. I felt some loyalty to them and liked them as people, but they just weren’t in the place in their business journey where it was right for me to do 1:1 work with them anymore.

And it was hard to tell the truth about not liking my business model because it was the only model I knew and I didn’t know what to replace it with.

So those were both difficult truths to tell.

And sometimes we need people who can help us tell the truth…

I’ll never forget this one quintessentially “Los Angeles” bright summer Friday morning. Everything for a new marketing funnel for a new campaign was done. After months of working on the campaign, all the copy was written, the videos were shot, the ads were set up in my Facebook account. Everything was ready to go and the team was just waiting for me to give them the green light to start the ad spend.

I had built this campaign because a marketing guru I’d hired did an audit of my business and said, “Well, this is the program that’s been selling in your business, so you should do more of it.” Even though I knew it wasn’t the work anymore and that I didn’t want to sell that program anymore. But I gave my power away and overrode that knowing (yes, I do that too).

So here it was on this fateful Friday morning. I showed up at Pat Honiotes’ house for a meeting and my energy was low.

Pat looked at me that morning and just said, “You don’t care about this program, do you?” And I said, no, I don’t. She said, “Why don’t you just not launch it?”

I was like, “You mean the thing we just spent months and months developing and working on and writing all the copy for, shooting all the videos and hiring the Facebook ads guy for? You mean that thing? Just not do it on the day we’re ready to deploy?” And she was like, “Yeah, how about you not do it?”

I’ll never forget sitting there, having my world turned upside down and inside out as I encountered a very simple truth: this wasn’t right, my heart wasn’t in it, and I wasn’t meant to do it.

I have no idea what dumping this campaign was going to look like either, because it was meant to be the financial foundation for the business.

But there’s a funny thing about the truth – once you tell yourself the truth, you can’t un-tell it.

I went home that night, I cooked a big steak dinner for me and Pete, opened a really nice bottle of wine, and as we sat on the back patio having dinner, I was like, “Babe, I did a thing today and I don’t know what it’s going to mean to my business.” And I told him all about it.

He just looked at me and said, “Well, is that what you’re called to do?” I said, “Yeah, I’m really clear it is.” He said, “Then good, and we’ll be fine. If finances are a bit tight for a few months or whatever, we’re okay. Do what you have to do. I’ve got you. ”

Such a champion, I love it (and him!).

We all need people in our lives who can help us tell the truth when we have a difficult time doing so, and champion us when we live in that truth – especially when it takes a scary kind of bravery.

What’s wild, but not unsurprising, is how the Universe started revealing the truth I was meant to be living, almost immediately. That entire summer, I had all these new, private, high-end clients just fall into my lap, almost out of the sky, and my income didn’t dip one bit!

More importantly, though, is that every single one of them trained me on who the client actually was now.

And that’s grace. It’s a grace granted by telling the truth.

The Universe needs an opening in order to support you. This was the Universe saying, “Good! You finally let go of that and created space for what’s next. We’ll help you learn what the next expression of truth is about your clients – here they are.”

The lesson here is this: it’s in the unknown that we encounter the truth that’s always seeking to be revealed.

So often, we’re trying to get to what’s true in terms of what we want to do in the world.

But in my experience, until we get truthful about what’s no longer accurate or true – about what we have to let go of and say no more to, we’ll never encounter the thing we’re meant to say yes to.

So what is it that it’s time to tell the truth about in your life?

And do you have champions in your corner who can help reflect that truth back to you and help you access the courage to tell it yourself?

Because Lord knows, sometimes it’s difficult to do on your own!

You might not always trust yourself, you might not trust others, you might not always trust the universe, but you can trust the truth. The truth will never let you down. Truth always reveals more. Truth is opening. Truth is expansive. Truth is liberating.

And you, my friend, are here to be a truth teller!

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