How well do you understand your work? 

This should be an easy question to answer… 

Now, how do other people see your work?

When you talk to someone about what you do, can they understand what it’s all about? More importantly, do they see the value you provide?

The truth is that this might not always happen. The more unique your work, the less people will understand when you first talk to them about it.

It’s easy to explain what you do when you’re a dentist or a lawyer. People already have a picture of what these professions look like.

But take my work as an example.

Do you think everybody understands how I bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material? And then put all of it in the context of marketing?

They do, actually.

This is because I’ve learned how to talk about my work in such a way that everyone can understand.

But not everyone has done the same.

For that reason, it can be hard to find people who’ll work with you.

This all changes the moment you understand how to talk about what you do. It doesn’t matter how unique or different your work is.

Once you’ve done this, you won’t have to struggle to find people willing to hear you out. They’ll come to you on their own.

For example, my last two $25k clients came to me, seemingly at random. 

For instance, I was just going about my day when I met a surgeon who asked about my work. As soon as I told him about it, he realized that he needed to work with me right away.

This is the power of knowing how to talk to strangers about your work. I didn’t need promotion or paid advertising. I explained what I did and that’s it. 

When you find your voice, you’ll arrive at the same results. You’ll be surprised by how effortless everything becomes. 

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