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Taking your place in Humanity’s New Story


When people come to me, what’s true for almost all of them is that there is a more precise impact for them to have. They feel this tug inside to express something that has great potential…

It’s like they feel a seed inside of something that wants to be nurtured and blossom.

I’ve often talked about this as something that’s wanting to happen… 

But I’m in my daily prayer/meditation time yesterday, I was corrected.

Source came in and said that it’s not what’s wanting to happen, because it’s already going on!

This unfolding of a new story in the universe is a constant unfolding. It’s not wanting to happen – it IS happening. Right here, right now, this evolution is what’s going on.

So the question is not, “What’s wanting to happen?”

The question is “What’s unfolding in this world that wants your participation?”

What’s calling to you and asking you to answer? 

What message? What movement? What mission? Which people? What problem in this world? What new idea?

Every day in every moment there’s always this cutting edge evolutionary energy – and it’s already unfolding!

For the people in my world, what we’re called to – what lights us up – what excites us – and what utilizes our talents most is exploring this evolutionary edge – and it’s always asking you to be an outlet for its expression. 

The cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness is unfolding. Right here, right now. And the urge you feel to explore and express is the urge to answer the call from that cutting edge to be a part of expressing its unfolding. 

As edgerider and paradigm changers, we’re translators of this energy into form.

And it’s in the translation that we further the understanding of evolutionary ideas so that other people can join us!

As an edgerider, you felt it, you sat with it, you saw it, you started to understand it and put words to it, and eventually you started sharing it in a way that other people could get it and join you. 

That is what edgeriders and paradigm changers do. That’s our day job.

So this call is for you to participate in what’s already going on. To take your place as an edge rider and translator, creating bridges from the old into the new – from the way we saw it to the way it could be – from the old story to the new story.

Trust that what you’re feeling is true. Trust that what you’re seeing is accurate. Be bold in expressing it, even if you don’t see the full picture. 

And start sharing it! Because each time you share, you’ll hear more, see more, learn more and become more and more adept at sharing the part of Humanity’s New Story you’re on earth to share. 

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