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Surrendering to a Renewed Understanding of Who You Are

Being a player and stepping onto the field of play is where you really start to understand more of who you are. If there is a new paradigm for this world wouldn’t it start with a new paradigm for who you are?


The new story for Humanity starts with a new story for each one of us. So wouldn’t it make sense that around the world, people are feeling stretched?

There can be great discord you feel when you’re being stretched – when there’s another evolution of who you are and your contribution in this world calling you forward.

What’s happening is that you’ve moved from one sense of identity – your fixed identity… “This is who I am and this is what I do” into a place where there are dual identities.

There’s the person you knew yourself to be and the work that you knew that you do… and then there’s the version of you that is calling you and your work forward.

It might sound like this…

The life I knew and the identity I had isn’t “it” anymore, but I’m just not sure what’s next. I’m not sure who I will become or what my life will look like next. I’m not sure if I’ll be safe if I move forward. But I’m also not sure I’ll be safe if I don’t move forward!

If you’re alive and engaged as this world changes more and more rapidly, this dual identity experience can become increasingly pronounced and common as you move forward.

You may hear an inner “Oh, Shit!” about that, but this discord isn’t actually caused by having these two identities present. It’s in how you hold these dual identities. Is there an attachment to who you’ve been and a fear of who you’re becoming? Or are you in a place where the whole thing’s an adventure?

You may be busy trying to figure this out, but that’s the opposite of being in the adventure!

Figuring it out puts blinders on you, but when you’re in the adventure, it opens up the aperture of your vision, widens the field of your perspective and allows you to see the emerging world and emerging opportunities all around you.

Please, please know that this dual identity experience is all around you. It’s not just in you. It’s not just yours. This is happening for so so so many people on the planet at this time, because we are collectively being called into a new expression of who we are.

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