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The Universe Doesn’t Want Anything FROM You

The plan cannot be executed without us. And that is where the surrender comes in. Be willing to say there is a plan for my life, there is a plan for this moment, there is a plan for this world AND apparently I am a part of it.


So often when it comes to a sense of calling, or working with guidance, or the vision you have for the world, the orientation to that work is often what the Universe wants from us. Or put it in a more traditional context, the question is, what does God want from me?

But that’s a ludicrous question, isn’t it? If God is all it is – if God is this Universal Intelligence, why in the world would God want anything FROM you? That notion is incorrect. God doesn’t want anything from you. God doesn’t need anything from you.

God only wants FOR you.

If there’s any part of you that says, “I have to answer my calling. It’s my duty,” realize that’s a human endeavor only, because God only wants for you.

Once you drop that idea, then there’s the question, “Okay, well, what does God want for me then?”

They keep using the word delight delight delight delight delight delight delight. So yeah, we want delight for you. We want love in your heart, peace in your home, comfort in your soul, fire in your vision. We want for you to experience more and more of your own Divinity.

We want for you to join us in this field of oneness. We want for you to know this being that you are that is eternal. We want for you to be here with us in this field. Presence, potential peace, the light, vibrancy, wonder… yes, oneness allows for you to be with us where we are more and more and more and more and more.

That’s what we want for you.

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