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Staying the Course

When the world around (or within) you is turbulent it is often difficult to have the strength and resolve to stay the course in the direction you are heading.

What would cause one to have the courage, fortitude and assurance to move forward in the direction you are heading when there is all this turbulence… inside or around you?


Imagine the bow of a ship moving into crashing waves in a turbulent ocean. Even when you are doing your best to chart a course and move in the direction of that course… is your ship not going to get blown off center? Is it not going to drift and lose its way to some degree or another?

Of course, it will.

And the same is true with your life.

Whatever you think is your North Star – whatever you think is the course you have charted….

When the waves get turbulent, you will drift off course.

But what if you could have inner assuredness even when you know you are drifting off course?

Because that’s when you experience peace regardless of your circumstance.

Isn’t that the life you want? A life where you’re held and supported, and experience peace even when your circumstance doesn’t seem to warrant it?

If so, here’s a practice…

Even in moments of turbulence, name your experience perfect.

Even when you can’t see the perfection, can you still put the stamp on it that says, “This too, is perfect. This too, is what I need right now.”?

Why? Because it’s what you’re experiencing right now and you know it will lead to what’s next.

Here’s why this matters…

The more you can trust in what is, the more readily available you are to what’s coming.

And the more you experience inner assuredness, the more your consciousness is open and available!

That’s when you can hear those little messages about what’s next and see the signs about where to go. You can notice the direction your feet want to walk, even when your mind can’t make sense of it.

Ultimately, this state of availability is the co-creative state with this universe.

And yes, sometimes the storm needs to pass a bit before you can pick up on those signals…so be patient and have peace in the storm.

That way you can be available as the storm passes, reorient yourself, re-relate to where you’re at now, and chart the next path forward.

What does this have to do with paradigm changers and trailblazers at this time?

Collectively, we are experiencing increasing global turbulence, and we need wisdom leaders that don’t get tossed and turned by the turbulence of our collective experience.

We need sense-making leaders who can slip underneath the turbulent waters and see what’s actually going on, so they can lead with that insight.

Laying claim to the goodness of this moment is not being blind to the turbulence – it’s living from the truth that there’s something deeper going on under the surface.

This is the quest.

So wherever you are, just pause for a moment.

Tune in, get quiet, and without seeking to understand it or justify it, assert the perfection of this moment. Assert the goodness that is happening. Assert that something is moving in this world that is calling you to lead. And then live and lead from that peace that belies understanding.

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