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Stay Activated Around the Bigger Purpose

It easy to stay connected to the next things to do while being disconnected from the larger purpose. We are all here to be activators of consciousness. And everything we do can be an activator of consciousness.

Everywhere we go we can be an activator of a particular frequency of knowing and of being. Every single one of us is here to be a carrier and activator of a particular frequency. The degree to which your work is on purpose is the degree to which your work also enables you to be an activator of a particular frequency and particular consciousness.


Each one of us is a carrier of a particular consciousness, and we are here to activate the frequency of that consciousness. This may be the frequency of belonging. This may be the frequency of truth-telling. This may be the frequency of beauty or sensuality. It may be the frequency of holy power.

When you came into this life, your Soul said, “Yes, I will go and be an activator of this particular frequency of consciousness. I will become the person who understands it, who embodies it, who accesses it, who carries it, and who lives from it. I will speak of it and embed it in everything I do so that as I walk through the world, this activation is happening.

When we talk about translating consciousness into business, the question always is…

“To what degree is what you’re doing day in and day out, moment by moment, embedded with – infused with – alive with the consciousness you are here to activate in the world?”

Is it palpable? Can people feel it? Can you feel it?

The degree to which what you’re doing is in integrity with the consciousness you are here to activate, is the degree to which the work you do is fulfilling your Soul’s promise.

Great artists know this, whether consciously or subconsciously. The great artists – the ones we still refer to after they are gone – are all people who lived the frequency of the consciousness they were here to activate. Whether it’s Janis Joplin or Mozart, Rembrandt or Van Gough, Rumi or Mary Oliver, they pierced our collective consciousness with their art as powerful activators of the consciousness they were here to carry.

You, too are an artist. We are all artists because we’re all creators. And we are creating the future we are stepping into together. So the question that we continually have is, “Will you be true to the consciousness you came here to activate?”

Another way of saying this is, “Will you be true to yourself?” which translates to, “Will you be true to your own soul’s knowing? Will you get quiet enough to attune to it? Will you get honest enough to embody it? Will you become courageous enough to live from it? Will you be bold enough to lead with it?”

We are asking you to trust your voice.

This is not the same as trusting your mind to come up with words to say. Trusting your voice requires you to feel your heart, and with your heart, share your message.

Trust your voice…

Because when your stake in the ground is connected with your care, love, and commitment, and that’s poured out in your communication, your people can’t help but be activated by what you say.

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