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The thing that you are called to do, to speak about is part of a new reality waiting for us to live into it. A new reality about what it means to be human, to live together and what is possible. It requires you to tune into where that new thing already exists. But are you in the same place, are you living where that new story is?


Building your tolerance for uncertainty as a paradigm changer.

When I say that we are all here to activate a new story for humanity, it means that there is a new understanding of how things can be – a new vision for it, a new picture of it, and new experience of it.

The new story does already exist. It already exists! So reach into the field where it lives, so you can say, Oh, yes, I get a sense of this! Oh, I see that! Oh, I’m getting this next piece of understanding about it. Oh, it already exists. It’s in the field!

Because your people are not just waiting for words – they’re not just waiting for you to be another voice out in social media or in the news or wherever it is adding to the noise. What they’re waiting for is to be in the presence of someone who is so anchored in a new reality, that they can almost taste it, feel it, smell it, and experience it when they’re with you. That’s what people are waiting for. They’re not waiting for more hollow words. They’re waiting for a new experience of life that you can introduce them to, that you can usher them into.

What does that require of you, and of me and of all of us? It requires us to get more and more and more comfortable being in the places where you don’t have all the answers. To learn to tune into the field where the next steps are more and more, rather than trying to “figure it out” so you feel a sense of false certainty.

It’s a human condition to look for certainty – we’re always looking for certainty. But as a leader calling in a new reality (one the world hasn’t seen before), your job is to get more and more comfortable with uncertainty.

People won’t know to ask for the thing you’re here to bring. They won’t know to ask for it because they’ve not been in the field where this thing lives. You’re the one to bring that right now. Your guidance may have brought it to you and you’re the one to bring it to them. You’re a bridge between a spiritual reality and an earthly reality that we can make

So here’s the invitation – are you willing to get more comfortable with uncertainty? It doesn’t have to happen overnight. It’s very much like climbing the Himalayas – a place where the oxygen is very thin. You can’t just climb it one day without training – it doesn’t work. You need to acclimate yourself. you need to get your lungs used to it. But as you train for it and get more and more used to it, you find that you can do it!

This is training yourself to be more and more and more comfortable with uncertainty, so that you can be more and more visionary in your work, and take your place in inviting people into a new world.

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