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Something Known
Something New

Everything in our own learning is always some form of integration. Integrating something new and weaving it with something known. Part of the role of paradigm changers is to be particularly attuned to something new. To be always listening for something new. And keep in mind the role of the ego is to stay attuned to what’s known. Your spirit or your soul is attuning to what’s new. New only in that it is not manifest in this field, not necessarily new in the world of timeless.


Everything in our learning is some form of integration – integrating something new and weaving it with something known.

Part of the role of paradigm changers, in particular, is to be attuned to always listening for what’s new that wants to be brought to the world, and bringing those messages forward.

As trailblazers, we are continually tapping into something new and weaving it into something known.

The new idea often feels just like that – an idea. It’s something new that comes into your mental awareness and lights up your brain.

But the integrative feature of that information happens in the heart.

So we’re always bringing in new information, then we’re invited to bring it into our heart, see how we are stirred by it, how we’re challenged by it, how we’re lifted up by it, and how we’re moved forward by it…

And then to share it.

When you’re getting something new – new insights and aha’s – and you’re sharing them…

If people aren’t getting it and responding, sometimes it’s just that the idea hasn’t been unpacked enough and the language is fuzzy.

But there’s also the potential that you haven’t yet processed the information through your heart.

You haven’t yet felt the truth of it – having it move you and touch what needs to be touched inside of you. Because when it has touched that which it’s designed to touch inside of you, then you become a messenger who can touch that same place inside of others.

If you want to be someone that moves people, your big alone won’t do it.

And that’s IS what you want, right?

What we need is to convey frequencies of consciousness – not just words that convey insights. It’s the frequency of the thought that’s designed to shift us completely, and the lever for that shift lives in the heart.

So the question is, to what degree are you not just receiving information, but to what degree has everything you’re sharing been processed through your heart?

How much of it have you let touch what needs to be touched inside of you?

And how much are you letting the movement of your heart be the origin of what you share?

If you want to move more people, you must first be moved yourself.

Rock your own boat, and you’ll be able to rock others.

And we get the boat rocked by allowing new insights to touch us in these deep and often profound ways, within the heart!

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