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The solution you’re here to bring


As courageous messengers, part of our soul’s yearning is to be explorers, so that we discover new solutions that our market and this world is hungry for. 

As part of that call, we’re regularly pulled to explore different fields of study, get trained in seemingly disparate modalities, visit interesting places… each informing us and adding different colors to the palate with which we can create. 

To other people’s eyes, it doesn’t make any sense… heck, it doesn’t always make sense to us, either! We’re just drawn to explore things because they’re interesting. There’s something that piques our curiosity and says, “Look underneath that rock, open that door, go down that path, and see what’s there.”

The wild thing is that when we walk far enough down disparate paths, certain paths intersect and illuminate something new to us.

Maybe you’re one of the first – or only –  people to have walked both of those paths far enough to see and experience this point of intersection. When you see it, light bulbs go off and you think, “Oh my god! Holy crap! There’s something here, and it’s amazing!” Because it offers something totally new and needed in your market and for the world. 

Once you see what the intersection creates, it makes so much sense that it’s like an ‘of course’ that was there the whole time! 

And because you’re the one who happened to walk both of these paths far enough to reach the point of intersection, you’re the one to bring this solution. 

That’s a big part of the return journey home on the hero’s journey. 

Let me give you an example of this…

When I started my career, I had done a massive amount of work in the life purpose field, including the study of how our wounds train and prepare us for our purpose.

Years later I partnered with a marketer, and pretty soon I saw the intersection of core wounds and ideal niche market. After many years of witnessing people struggle with defining  who they’re here to serve, what those people need from them, and why they’re the one to serve them… suddenly I saw that our core wounds held the answers. 

It was a massive ah-ha moment… and it made so much sense to me because I’d already seen how our wounds train us for our purpose. Of course, our most ideal people to serve would be those who need our purpose!

What I found over the past 15+ years of bringing this work to my market, is that this methodology is far more accurate than any other market-discovergy method I’ve seen…

But it’s also a deeply transformative methodology. Because when people see the higher purpose of their wounds, and the application of the gifts those wounds gave them, it brought deeply redemptive love to wounds they had fought against for years. 

So if you’ve stumbled on something magical, new and needed for your market and this world, here’s what I want you to know…

You’ve been gifted a new set of lenses with which you can view the problems your people are facing in the “ordinary world”… a set of lenses you’re here to share with the world on your return journey home.

They’re magical lenses, because they address a pain and problem your people have… but they also hold necessary healing and wholeness your people are hungry for. 

Part of what you’re called to do is share this lens with your people. Help them see what you now see – which they hadn’t seen and couldn’t have seen without this new perspective, without these lenses. 

Remember that they won’t know how to ask for this with words – after all, they’ve never seen it before! But the more you share what you see, the more they’ll sense that you have the missing thing they’ve been hungry for…

The thing that at a soul level, they’re asking for and ready to experience.


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