We are in the midst of a massive shift and awakening in this world. This is no surprise to you – you see it everywhere you look. You can see the structures of our society crumbling. Collectively, we know that the way we’ve lived doesn’t work anymore. Around the world, people are answering an inner call to create a new way of living together on this planet.

What part will you play in this global shift?
What does the world need from you?

In many ways, where you’re at in your life path mirrors the state of our world. You are on the precipice of a massive change in your life. You look over your shoulder and see your past and know you must say goodbye to the known in order to take a leap of faith—beginning the adventure of fulfilling your life’s mission.

Just like the world must shed the known to recreate itself, there are some things that you will need to release and transform. The old structures of your life—your business or career and income stream, your social group or relationships, maybe even where you live—are being called into question. Your life and career has been a success, but it just isn’t enough anymore. For some reason you know that there is something more you must do – a bigger calling you have to answer.

This can make you feel crazy, especially when you’ve spent decades in a career and are at the top of your game! But you know that staying where you’re at—no matter how comfortable or successful you may be—would mean ignoring your higher purpose. You may be afraid or have doubts—but more than that, you want to do it right. You want to make sure all the risk is worth it. You want to do it in the most guided way possible, so that you honor what you’ve built in your business or career and don’t waste time or resources.

What is awakening in you? Your life experience has designed you for a greater purpose. You may not be sure what that purpose is from where you stand now, but the calling that you feel is loud and clear. Just as you are unique, the calling is uniquely yours. The world is waiting for you to say yes.