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Shared Missions


There are groups of people on the planet that share planetary missions… and the people that are most purposeful for you to work with are those that share a mission with you.

You know the people you LOVE working with… where the magic flows every time?

There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just that they need all you have to offer…

It’s also that they share a path with you – they are fellow mission-holders.

They may not be consciously aware of it when they show up…

But it’s in their field, and yours, which is part of why that magical sense of connection occurs.

Are they showing up asking for help stepping into their mission? 

Maybe, but probably not. 

There’s probably a more specific, tangible, symptom-level need they are showing up with…

But at a deeper subconscious level, yes, they are asking you to help them wake up to their potential – which includes their potential to do their part in a substantial mission in the world. 

For example, the people I’m meant to serve are leaders called to be liberators in the world, activating a new story for humanity – a story that liberates people, creates more connection and belonging, and lifts us all up. 

Do they show up asking for help with that? Not exactly.

At the level of symptoms in their business, most come in with a “messaging problem,” they know that their “positioning is off”… 

But hiding just below the surface, they know there’s a deeper “something” they’re meant to be speaking about… but they aren’t yet. 

And they know it’s connected to the bigger “something” they’re here to usher into the world via their specialty or industry. 

And that change is their part in ushering in a new story for Humanity… 

My job is to speak to both. 

Sure, I can just speak to the messaging problem, but that alone doesn’t activate them! It doesn’t call them forward and wake something up in them that they’re hungry to activate!

So the question for you is this…

Are you clear about the front door for your work? The symptom-level problem your people are aware of, have pain or longing around, and are willing to spend money to address?

Are you also clear about the bigger mission your people have – the quest you are all on together?

And are you speaking to both? 

Because when you do, not only will their minds understand what to come to you for…

Their spirits will light up with recognition that you’re the person they need to work with.

And that creates a foundation for profoundly effective and transformative work.

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