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Self Betrayal

Self betrayal is often related to this outside world of… what will happen if I say yes to this. What will they think? What will they say? What will happen? What will be the consequences?

So there is this dance between your own sovereignty and attending to your relationships. The question always is are your relationships dependent on betrayal, Meaning you must be true to the other person vs. you must be true to yourself.


If you are called to lead people into a new world, the question to ask yourself is this: how trustworthy are you as a leader to follow?

In other words, how consistently do you stay true to yourself when you walk into the unknown?

Because if you’re going into the unknown, the only guideposts you have are sensing, knowing, naming, and living your truth.

The more assured you are in your ability to stay true to yourself in the face of the unknown, the more trustworthy you will feel to people and the more readily people will sense that you are a solid leader they can follow.

When that assuredness is not solid inside of yourself, your people will rarely be able to name it. Instead, they will just feel an inner hesitation and reluctance to follow you.

After all, truth is not an intellectual construct the way that facts are. Truth is experienced in the body. We feel when something is true, and your people can sense that you’ve fought for the truth that you now live.

When people are in your field, their body is sussing out the degree to which they can trust you, and it’s an instinctual evaluation.

Living your truth is not about perfection – it’s about following your truth and truing up when you betray yourself.

The most important thing you can do to grow this capacity is to have people around who are living this way… a community of people who understand what it means to truly live this sovereign path and who are doing it day by day.

Surround yourself with people who know the challenges and the joys of this path – people who can see you and support you, and who allow you to do the same for them.

Living a sovereign path is an outlier activity. It’s a bold and courageous activity. It’s a requirement for leaders of a new world, and it’s an activity best done together.

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