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The Seed of the New Story is Planted in Your Soul

There is a knowing of how things can be that is inside of you. So much of the discord is the mismatch between what you know in your guts and the experience you see in front of you. We can argue that it doesn’t need to be so but alternatively we can enchant people to this new vision.


We create our world by the stories we tell.

Every time we grow, it’s because there’s a new story that we get a vision of and say, “I want that! 

Maybe it’s a vision inspired by something internal – something you feel inside here and go, “Ooh, I want that!”

Maybe it’s a vision inspired by something external, where you see something out there and say, “yeah, I want that!” 

Our life grows by telling a new story of the life we have.

The same is true for Humanity – we create a new world by telling a new collective story…

And we are storytellers of the new world!

We are here to liberate people into a new vision into a new perspective into a new way. In other words, into a new story. 

Paint a picture of a new world – of a new way – of a new possibility..

Enchantment occurs when you paint a picture so vibrantly, vividly and beautifully that we’re enticed to be a part of it. 

People are doing this all the time in the world of marketing and media.

There is a knowing inside of you of how things can be.

The message I’m here to bring is that you can be part of crafting humanity’s new story. You do it by crafting a new story – a better way of being for your people, for your industry, and your constituency.

The story of your calling is indeed enchanting! It’s a story you know in your soul. It’s the story you came to help share, spread and activate. 

May you share the enchanting story you are on earth to share!

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