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The most powerful tool for your Next Level


Moving to your Next Level calling will always call you to a more expansive expression of who you are. It’ll put you on route to more joy, if you allow it. We can’t force you, but that’s what we have in store for you. More joy. More satisfaction. A richer expression of your heart. 

This calling is in your heart because you wanted this shift… and you are only at the beginning of understanding and experiencing what this shift is really all about!

If you find yourself resisting (which you can spend a lot of time doing), remember this: you’re resisting going where the ground is fertile, simply because you haven’t been there before. You cling to increasingly barren land. And the land waiting for you IS fertile.

This Next Level calling is the movement into claiming who you are, what you are here to offer now, and the type of dance you’re here to invite people into. 

And your people are hungry for this! Your job is to clear the path for them to see you and join you.

What do you need in order to release the brakes? Dream! 

Dream, dream, dream! Dream up how you’d like it to be! Use your imagination – it’s a powerful tool at your disposal. Dream up what would make your spirit soar. Dream up the life you imagine. Be the author. See it. Write it down. Paint the picture of your dream! 

Anyone who has achieved anything with love in their hearts has done it from a dream.

What we want you to remember is that you’re always dreaming, but often unconsciously. You’re dreaming with fear instead of love. 

You’re dreaming of things that can go wrong, and we want you to see that those fears too are dreams. They are unconscious, unexamined dreams that are running amuck in your subconscious and causing havoc in your life. 

So start exploring those dreams – get conscious of the dreams you’re dreaming. See them. Feel them. Examine them. Get curious about them. Write them down. Paint that picture vividly. Not to demonize those dreams – but to get conscious of them and curious about them. 

Once you have the picture of both dreams, keep both pictures in front of you so you can stay conscious of those choices. Then lean into your conscious choice every day, throughout the day. Choose your dream!

Here’s what we promise you – you’ll feel more connected and have richer relationships. You’ll be more and more in sync with where the energy is rich for your life and business, so that all you do flourishes. This Next Level will be filled with more joy and success than you know!

So long as you’re dreaming fear-based dreams, you’re unavailable to the dreams the Universe has for you… because the Universe only dreams in love.

Remember how powerful you are – not as a concept, but as an experience. Naming your fears as dreams will help you see that you’re the author of them and puts you in the seat of choice to dream anew. 

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