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Picking up on your audience’s signals


Imagine that your audience is sending signals into the field all the time, guiding you right to the buttons in their hearts…

And because you’re designed to support and serve them, you have a special antenna designed to pick up on these signals, tuning in energetically to locate them.

It’s like there are buttons inside the heart of your people and in the heart of your market that you can feel, sense and respond to these signals…

So that you can speak directly to the heart of your people’s greatest needs and desires.

The more you press these buttons  deep inside of them, the more your people will feel that you’ve got the thing they need.

The more they send the signals (which they are doing all the time with their deepest yearnings and desires) – and the more you pick up on them and respond to them…

The more your people will feel connected to you, follow you, learn from you, buy from you, and spread your work and join you in your mission.

It’s a rich dance you can be in with your people.

Now, you’re already getting these signals (whether you’re attuned to them or not)..

But if you’re not giving voice to them, your people won’t experience their relationship with you!


What causes them to feel known by you, connected to you and interested in following and working with you is hearing you give voice to their signals.

In your emails, YouTube channel, social media posts, the stages, podcasts and webinars you’re on…

Continually giving voice to what you’re picking up on in the field – even when you don’t yet fully understand what you’re getting, why you’re getting it, how it’s relevant to your people, or how it will land with them.

Your job is to be true to the signals you receive and give voice to them – because what you’re giving voice to are the two most important things in their world…

  1. What’s really going on for them RIGHT NOW. This isn’t necessarily the stuff they are talking about publicly. This is the often secret pains and struggles that they spend so much time trying to avoid, bury, or escape. This is where they are in pain around their biggest challenges – especially those areas where they don’t have the clarity, consciousness or support needed to get out of whatever struggle they are in.

People have a deep need and yearning to be seen, heard, met and understood – especially around the things that are confounding them and causing deep pain.

And of course, the longer they stay in struggle, the greater the pain. But that pain also generates something else – spectacular yearning! 

  1. Their greatest hope, with a way out and a way forward! You’re here to call them to a more fully realized expression of who they are and what they’re capable of!  That’s the other half of the signal they are sending out – it’s an S.O.S. to realize a greater truth and have the courage that’s hidden inside of them to burst forward, helping them make the changes they most desire.

The more you meet them where they’re at with empathy and understanding, the more they will feel seen, heard and understood by you… and that’s when they listen to you, follow you, and want what you have.

The more you take a stand for them and put a stake in the ground for who they truly are, what’s possible for them and where they’re called to go, the more they will feel safe taking great risk for great reward.

And that’s when they’ll be more willing to work with you deeply, leaning in fully to the work you do with them. 

This work of empathetically connecting with them where they’re at and having a stake in the ground for where they’re called to go generates hope that there is a pathway forward for them and that there is a guide designed to support them in walking that journey. And that’s what positions you as the guide for the hero on their journey.

It’s the intimacy in these sorts of messages that cause them to cut through the marketing noise and pierce the grey clouds of “what is” with a ray of light. It is the intimacy in them that reaches the people that are most hungry for the transformation you’re here to be a guide for.

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