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Pathway & Permission

Pathway is often a mental concept. We are looking for it logically. We are trying to see something or go, “I can walk down that pathway”. But permission is a matter of the heart. Permission is so often related to belonging.

There is connective tissue between power and belonging. When we say can I and will I show up fully that is a question about will I express this life force that I am fully in the world. Or will I hesitate. Will I go a little bit and stop, never getting enough momentum to actually take off.


When you ask yourself, “Can I and will I show up fully?”, aren’t you really asking, “Will I express this lifeforce that I am fully in the world?”

Will you allow the jet engine inside of you to burn bright, go full-throttle, so you get lift-off and actually fly?

Or will you hesitate, going a little bit, then slowing down or stopping, never getting enough momentum to actually take off?

Because once you have lift-off, then you have the capacity for your unfettered expression – and that is the expression of your power.

I’m expressing who I am. I’m expressing it honestly, authentically, and I’m expressing it without hesitation, without filter and without apology.

And that kind of power…

Well, we often celebrate it… and demonize it.

In popular culture, when we see people that have given themselves the unfettered permission to fly, they’re often our celebrities. They’re pop stars, artists, visionary CEOs doing things their way.

But in our personal daily lives we often demonize people with questions like, “Who do you think you are?” and “What gives you the right?”

So the fundamental fear here is that people you think you need and people you care about… will go away. That they’ll reject you from their lives, exiting stage right.

And the truth is, some of them would go away!

If you really allowed yourself to express yourself fully on a regular basis, some of your current clients wouldn’t be able to hack it. The staff that’s just ‘dialing it in’ won’t like the challenge of keeping up. The family members that have given up on their lives will probably be resentful of your success.

That’s when your belonging needs seem to threaten the full expression of you and your power.

And so we have these two competing needs of belonging and power.

Truth is, you probably have no idea about what would actually happen in the world, and what would actually happen around your sense of belonging in the world, if you were to grant yourself full permission for full expression.

You have historical ideas about it based on the life you’ve lived, the people who’ve been around you, and the consequences you’ve experienced for showing up before.

But you don’t actually have a present tense, here-and-now experience of what would actually happen in relation to your deep sense of belonging if you were to give yourself full permission for full expression now.

Because, first and foremost, if you’re like most of us, you don’t have a deep and abiding experience of deep belonging to yourself, in this world, wherever we are, and wherever we go.

But when you do have a deep and abiding experience of belonging to yourself…

Belonging and power move from being separate and seemingly diametrically opposed… to being interwoven as one thing.

And when power and belonging are synonymous in you, you have tremendous freedom to create your own reality and answer the big, audacious calling inside your heart.

All of that opens up in the world when power and belonging become one.

I invite you to process this not just with your mind, but to process this with your heart. Feel the truth of this rather than trying to think the truth of it…

Power and belonging are one thing.

One thing we want for you this year is to unleash the experience of belonging and power.

The glue that holds all of this together? Faith.

The more you build a relationship with your guidance, your own inner knowing, and with your own deep convictions, the more you deepen your faith.

And the more you feel deeply held and guided by the Universe, the easier it will become to grant yourself permission and to express your power and have your true pathway illuminated.

Imagine belonging and power interwoven, held in a container of faith. This is what we want for you.

May you grant yourself deep permission and have a clear pathway for your gifts, to live in deep belonging, expressing yourself and your power unabashedly, in service to the mission that is deep in your heart.

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