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Owning your story to live your purpose


Owning your story to live your purpose

There is a relationship between your wounds and your purpose in that your wounds always give rise to your purpose.

The question is, are you still giving life to the old stories from your wounds… or are you giving life to the emerging story of your purpose?

Because whatever you’re giving life to is what’s animating your life, which makes it the reality you’re living.What makes this all the more frustrating is that you can know intellectually that an old story from your wounds is just that – an old story…

You know in your head that it’s old news, but somewhere deep in your body it’s still getting activated, and that’s when it becomes the reality you’re living. 

And this phenomenon seems to get amplified when your purpose calls you to a bigger expression! The old wound stories get activated, grab hold, and want to keep you from stepping out in bigger, bolder ways. 

Here’s what we need to remember when this happens.

The more deeply you own your wound ‘story,’ the more fully you can express your purpose. 

After all, whatever you can’t be with owns you… 

So, do you own your story or does it own you?

Owning your wound story is the master path. You can’t “think” your way out of your wounds. It’s in feeling what you don’t want to feel that you integrate the discarded and disowned aspects of yourself.

It’s this ownership that brings neutrality to the wound. Like a snake sluffs off an old skin, you sluff off the energy around this old story and it just falls away.

I like to think of it as no longer “animating” or giving life to that story. 

And when you get to neutral around the wound you have massive freedom of choice. 

That’s when you can choose the stories you’re going to animate and give life to. And the stories that are an expression of your true calling are always the stories that are asking to be animated by you. 

These stories bring more joy and purpose to your life and this world. They utilize your innate skills and design, which propels your purpose forward. 

Think of the things that you can’t be with inside yourself…
The things you have yet to learn to love and appreciate in yourself…
The things where you do not see the beauty in yourself…
The things that you keep at arm’s length or locked underneath a trapdoor in the floor, buried in the basement of your psyche…

It’s all you, of course.

The funny paradox is that the more you bring love and appreciation to your wound story, the more the stories that are incongruent with the truth of who you are simply fall away. 

And the more those stories fall away, the more freedom you have to live your innate design and animate the giftedness you’re here to bring to the world now. 

Let’s zoom out to the bigger mission of activating a new story for humanity…

Because it helps answer the question, “why are wounds necessary?” (And maybe they won’t be in our new story).

You came here to be empathically connected to certain causes and certain frequencies of change for the evolution of this world. 

Your personal wounding is connected to the broader mission you came here to be a part of in the world. It’s what gives you that internal care, concern, and conviction around what you are here to help change or evolve in the world. 

So the more you can love broader and broader aspects of yourself, the more you have the capacity to love broader and broader aspects of all of humanity.


You’ve done a lot of work on yourself. You’ve probably done plenty of work learning to love the tender, hurt aspects of yourself. Good job. That’s important work. 

But have you learned to love the aspects of yourself related to power and influence that feel dangerous in your system? 

The deceitful or manipulative aspects that try to get away with things?

The controlling, domineering aspects that try to get your way?

The self-aggrandizing aspects that inflate your sense of worth over others (to cover up the parts that feel less-than)?

Learning to love the hurt parts of yourself gets you to some form of neutral – but learning to love the dangerous aspects of yourself allows you to embrace your power with purpose!

Which allows you to have far greater influence in this world to create change. 

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