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The Next Place To Go

One place is resistance. Which is essentally the minds way of saying I feel out of control and I need to figure this out. Then we move into the next place of “I wonder what’s in there”. This is the place of curiosity and exploration.

#MondayInsight: What is your BOLD TRUTH?

Ask yourself, “What is the bold truth that I am meant to express… first to myself, and then into the world?” The bold truth is the thing we’re often resisting saying to ourselves and others, because it’s risky! It will always, always, always break up the status quo and usher in something new you have yet to discover… which is the role of the Liberating Paradigm Changer.

So practice speaking the bold truth more and more and more and watch what happens to your life! Watch who you become when you make the bold truth a pillar, pinnacle and focus of your life. Watch the degree of trust you develop in yourself and with your inner guidance.

Spirit says, “Remember, we’re not here to screw you over! We won’t unduly push you in a way that is unsafe for you. It might be uncomfortable, but that’s not the same as unsafe. We always want your best!”

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