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The next frontier of transformational work


I belong to a professional network of leaders in the transformation world and I was recently at our biannual meeting. Our theme was “Humanity Rising.”

One of the things that struck me was that even in a room full of recognized leaders in the field of transformation there was a tremendous amount of existential angst about the tremendous breakdown of so much of the fabric of society.

The proverbial “what can I do in the face of this?” question was palpable in the room – a feeling I think is palpable across the globe.

One of our members, Jim Selman, is a grandfather of modern-day coaching and a brilliant mind. He talked about these three domains we all function within:

  1. Everything we know
  2. Everything we know we don’t know
  3. Everything we don’t know that we don’t know

Most coaching and consulting is done within domain #2, supporting people with solutions around what they already know they don’t know.

But I believe that the future of transformational work is the work done in domain #3 – everything we don’t know that we don’t know. In truth, this has always been the heart of it, but the explicit need for it is becoming increasingly apparent.

It’s where we move from the iterative change in domain #2 into the potential for exponential change.

There’s an increasing audience in every arena of life and business who know that the gig is up on what we’ve known, and that clinging to certainty is a fool’s errand.

These people know that encountering what they don’t know is the only path forward… and they are looking for skilled guides into uncharted territories.

That’s why intuitive leadership is becoming an increasingly valuable asset. Being able to listen for and discern visions, understand concepts, see truths and unlock gateways to new realities is a leadership competency that is increasingly in demand.

To speak to this emerging audience, stop selling certainty.

Yes, there are those that cling fervently to it…

But those aren’t your people if you’ve been called to help usher in a new story for humanity.

So instead, sell your capacity to face the unknown, your willingness to engage in the murky depths, and your ability to tap into fields of consciousness that hold truths we haven’t yet seen.

That’s what your people are hungry for most, and my experience of those in my field is that few have the capacity to lead in those arenas like you do.

It’s time to claim it and lead.

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