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New Year – Old Magic

I’ve been noticing a big shift from the ME to the WE – both in myself and energetically in the field.

It makes sense because our problems are so global and so intractable when it comes to the “I,” they’re problems that only the “we” can address. 

And yet, there is this delicious dilemma…

If you’re like me and other leaders in my tribe, you have a big calling for collective change, which relies on this shift from “me” to “we”… 



We want you to be an intentional magician – to be very focused on seeing magic everywhere.

After all, this is a magical universe, is it not?

Magic is science turned into form in a way that produces delight and surprise – because we cannot see the mechanics that produced the result.

We’re not here to teach you this – you already know it! What we’re wanting is to impress upon you the invitation to be far more intentional about having magic in your daily life.

How do you do this? You look for it.

Of course, we know wherever our attention goes, energy flows. Having magic in your life is the universe saying to you, “You don’t have to do all the work!” More importantly, you’re incapable of doing all the work that wants to be done through you.

Maybe this doesn’t matter if you’re not attending to your true calling, – you might be perfectly capable of doing the work you feel you can control….

But if you’re truly doing what wants to come through you in this world, you are incapable of doing everything that needs to be done to support it. So that means you’ll need to rely on others, and you’ll need to rely on this Universe far more than folks usually do.

We are here to activate humanity’s new story, which is a new way of seeing, understanding, and engaging with each other and this world that liberates us all.

That’s why we’re here. That’s the mission.

And when you invite magic into your life every day, not only will you move your mission forward with much greater ease and impact, you’ll live with much greater delight and surprise as you do!

That’s when your energy increases and your ability and willingness to move into action continues to grow. You then become a more inspiring person for others to follow because your light is brighter, and people simply want to be around you.

That’s when people lean in, asking, “Why did the doors keep opening for that person? Why are they so turned on and alive when the rest of us are filled with anxiety and dread for our future? What’s going on over there?”

So we want you to loosen your tight grip on the steering wheel of your life – to let go and say, “Alright universe, let’s dance. Where’s the magic? I’m going to be looking for it!”

The darker things seem to get, the more dread that’s in our collective field, the more anxiety the more depression arises, the bigger the headlines of how everything is wrong…

…the more consistently, we must practice moving to the other side of the veil of the story of “what is” and ground into the alternate frequency of “what’s becoming” – and do it in a way that reduces joy and delight.

Because nothing is more of a pattern interrupt in the world of “what is,” than living with joy and delight!

There are many tools available to do this, but let’s pick one, which is to focus on magic every day.

Wake up and intend to see and experience magic in your life that day. Ask for it! Then take account of what was magical in your day every night. Ask yourself, “What delighted and surprised me? What emerged that I didn’t even expect, even in the smallest ways.” Look for magic and magic you will see. Ask for magic and magic is what you will experience.

Remember, magic is simply experiencing results with mechanics that were invisible to you, which produces delight and surprise.

Don’t try it. Don’t work for it. Don’t muscle it. Simply intend on experiencing it, then have your eyes focused on the magic that is all around.

This ought to be fun!

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