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Making your Messaging a Clarion Call


To receive a calling is a receptive act. You heard a call, which by definition means that there are people out in the world that sent the call.

Messaging is the act of responding to those that sent the call saying, “I heard your call and I’ve spent a good chunk of my life developing the expertise and mastery to answer it. I now have something built especially for you to offer you. Here it is, welcome in.”

What you want your messaging to do is to create a recognition by the reader or listener that your message is an answer to the call they sent.

The challenge is that when it comes to messaging, language can be a really imprecise and difficult tool to use to broadcast a frequency.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind…

Your calling has its own energy – an activating lifeforce that people feel when they are in the presence of it.

That’s why when you receive the downloads about your calling, it activates you. It turns you on and you say to yourself, “This is it! This is my work. This is what I’m here to do!”

The frequency of your calling’s unique energetic signature is like its fingerprint – absolutely singular.

That’s why your people recognize you and your work when your message carries this frequency…

Making your message a clarion call.

They have a body knowing that this is it when they receive your message.

Messaging is meant to be a carrier of truth – a truth that activates knowing in your people that you’re the one they’ve been waiting for.

Words aren’t meant to be just a representation of the frequency of your calling – they are meant to be a carrier and amplifier of that frequency that activates your people when they receive it.

Are there tools and techniques to create a message that does this? Sure.

But instead of worrying about that, start with this…

Tell the truth.

Speak more directly, honestly, and transparently than you ever have?

What about?

Them – your people. Speak to their hunger. Share with them the journey they’ve been on with great empathy. Name the places you see them still BS-ing themselves… and the pain you know lies underneath.

Do it with love. Do it with fierceness. Do it for their benefit.

And watch magic unfold.

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